strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
仓惶 倉惶 cang1 huang2
variant of 倉皇|仓皇

苍惶 蒼惶 cang1 huang2
variant of 倉皇|仓皇

诚惶诚恐 誠惶誠恐 cheng2 huang2 cheng2 kong3
in fear and trepidation (idiom); in reverence before your majesty (court formula of humility)

惶惶 惶惶 huang2 huang2
alarmed; anxious

惶惑 惶惑 huang2 huo4
anxious and perplexed; uneasy and confused; suspicious and fearful

惶恐 惶恐 huang2 kong3

惶恐不安 惶恐不安 huang2 kong3 bu4 an1
anxious; panicky

惊惶 驚惶 jing1 huang2

惊惶失措 驚惶失措 jing1 huang2 shi1 cuo4
see 驚慌失措|惊慌失措

凄惶 淒惶 qi1 huang2
distressed and terrified; distraught (literary)

恓惶 恓惶 xi1 huang2
busy and restless; unhappy

张惶 張惶 zhang1 huang2
variant of 張皇|张皇

震惶 震惶 zhen4 huang2
to terrify