to be stupid; to cheat or deceive; me or I (modest)

strokes 13
strokes after radical 9
大勇若怯,大智若愚 大勇若怯,大智若愚 da4 yong3 ruo4 qie4 - da4 zhi4 ruo4 yu2
a great hero may appear timid, the wise may appear stupid (idiom); the general public may not recognize great talent

大愚 大愚 da4 yu2
idiot; ignorant fool

大智如愚 大智如愚 da4 zhi4 ru2 yu2
the wise may appear stupid (idiom); a genius not appreciated in his own time

大智若愚 大智若愚 da4 zhi4 ruo4 yu2
great intelligence may appear to be stupidity (idiom)

卢泰愚 盧泰愚 lu2 tai4 yu2
Roh Tae-woo (1932-), South Korean politician, president 1988-1993

先天愚型 先天愚型 xian1 tian1 yu2 xing2
Down syndrome; trisomy 21

愚騃 愚騃 yu2 ai2
stupid; foolish

愚笨 愚笨 yu2 ben4
stupid; clumsy

愚不可及 愚不可及 yu2 bu4 ke3 ji2
impossibly stupid

愚蠢 愚蠢 yu2 chun3
silly; stupid

愚钝 愚鈍 yu2 dun4
stupid; slow-witted

愚公移山 愚公移山 yu2 gong1 yi2 shan1
the old man moves mountains (idiom); fig. where there's a will, there's a way

愚见 愚見 yu2 jian4
my humble opinion

愚陋 愚陋 yu2 lou4
ignorant and backward

愚鲁 愚魯 yu2 lu3
dull-witted; foolish

愚昧 愚昧 yu2 mei4
ignorant; uneducated; ignorance

愚昧无知 愚昧無知 yu2 mei4 wu2 zhi1
stupid and ignorant (idiom)

愚氓 愚氓 yu2 meng2
fool; stupid person

愚蒙 愚矇 yu2 meng2
ignorant; stupid

愚民 愚民 yu2 min2
ignorant masses; to keep the people in ignorance

愚弄 愚弄 yu2 nong4
to make a fool out of; to fool; to dupe

愚懦 愚懦 yu2 nuo4
ignorant and timid

愚人 愚人 yu2 ren2
stupid person; ignoramus

愚人节 愚人節 yu2 ren2 jie2
April Fools' Day

愚弱 愚弱 yu2 ruo4
ignorant and feeble

愚顽 愚頑 yu2 wan2
ignorant and stubborn

愚妄 愚妄 yu2 wang4
stupid and arrogant

愚孝 愚孝 yu2 xiao4
unquestioning filial piety

愚意 愚意 yu2 yi4
my humble opinion

愚拙 愚拙 yu2 zhuo1
clumsy and stupid