to get panicky; to lose one's head; (coll.) (after 得) unbearably; terribly

strokes 12
strokes after radical 10
不慌不忙 不慌不忙 bu4 huang1 bu4 mang2
calm and unhurried (idiom); composed; to take matters calmly

发慌 發慌 fa1 huang1
to become agitated; to feel nervous

慌成一团 慌成一團 huang1 cheng2 yi1 tuan2
(of a group of people) to run about helplessly

慌得 慌得 huang1 de5
hurriedly; in a frenzy

慌慌张张 慌慌張張 huang1 huang1 zhang1 zhang1

慌乱 慌亂 huang1 luan4
frenetic; hurried

慌忙 慌忙 huang1 mang2
in a great rush; in a flurry

慌神 慌神 huang1 shen2
to get agitated; to panic

慌张 慌張 huang1 zhang1
confused; flustered

惊慌 驚慌 jing1 huang1
to panic; to be alarmed

惊慌失措 驚慌失措 jing1 huang1 shi1 cuo4
to lose one's head out of fear (idiom)

惊慌失色 驚慌失色 jing1 huang1 shi1 se4
to go pale in panic (idiom)

恐慌 恐慌 kong3 huang1
panic; panicky; panic-stricken

恐慌发作 恐慌發作 kong3 huang1 fa1 zuo4
panic attack

心慌 心慌 xin1 huang1
to be flustered; (dialect) irregular heart-beat

心慌意乱 心慌意亂 xin1 huang1 yi4 luan4
confused; rattled; flustered

着慌 著慌 zhao2 huang1
alarmed; panicking