old variant of 慨; to sigh (with emotion)

indignant; generous; to sigh (with emotion)

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
愤慨 憤慨 fen4 kai3
to resent; resentment

感慨 感慨 gan3 kai3
to sigh with sorrow, regret etc; rueful; deeply moved

慨叹 慨嘆 kai3 tan4
to sigh with regret; lament

慷慨 慷慨 kang1 kai3
vehement; fervent; generous; giving; liberal

慷慨赴义 慷慨赴義 kang1 kai3 fu4 yi4
heroically sacrificing one's life (idiom); to sacrifice oneself fervently to the cause

慷慨激昂 慷慨激昂 kang1 kai3 ji1 ang2
impassioned; vehement

慷慨解囊 慷慨解囊 kang1 kai3 jie3 nang2
to contribute generously (idiom); help sb generously with money; to give generously to charity

慷慨捐生 慷慨捐生 kang1 kai3 juan1 sheng1
sacrificing one's life generously (idiom); to sacrifice oneself fervently to the cause

慷慨输将 慷慨輸將 kang1 kai3 shu1 jiang1
to donate generously (idiom)