desire; appetite; passion; lust; greed

strokes 15
strokes after radical 11
禁欲 禁慾 jin4 yu4
to suppress desire; self-restraint; asceticism

禁欲主义 禁慾主義 jin4 yu4 zhu3 yi4

口腹之欲 口腹之慾 kou3 fu4 zhi1 yu4
desire for good food

利欲 利慾 li4 yu4

利欲心 利慾心 li4 yu4 xin1

利欲熏心 利慾薰心 li4 yu4 xun1 xin1
blinded by greed (idiom)

情欲 情慾 qing2 yu4
lust; desire; sensual

求知欲 求知慾 qiu2 zhi1 yu4
desire for knowledge

权欲熏心 權慾薰心 quan2 yu4 xun1 xin1
obsessed by a craving for power; power hungry

肉欲 肉慾 rou4 yu4
carnal desire

色欲 色慾 se4 yu4
sexual desire; lust

食欲 食慾 shi2 yu4

嗜欲 嗜慾 shi4 yu4

兽欲 獸慾 shou4 yu4
beastly desire

贪欲 貪慾 tan1 yu4
greed; avarice; rapacious; avid

物欲世界 物慾世界 wu4 yu4 shi4 jie4
the world of material desires (Buddhism)

泄欲 洩慾 xie4 yu4
to sate one's lust

泄欲工具 洩慾工具 xie4 yu4 gong1 ju4
sexual object

性欲 性慾 xing4 yu4
sexual desire; lust

性欲高潮 性慾高潮 xing4 yu4 gao1 chao2

淫欲 淫慾 yin2 yu4

欲壑难填 慾壑難填 yu4 he4 nan2 tian2
bottomless pit of desire (idiom); insatiable greed; carnal cravings are never satisfied and are a main obstruction on the path to enlightenment

欲火 慾火 yu4 huo3

欲火焚身 慾火焚身 yu4 huo3 fen2 shen1
burning with desire

欲望 慾望 yu4 wang4
desire; longing; appetite; craving

欲仙欲死 慾仙慾死 yu4 xian1 yu4 si3
to wish one were dead (idiom); (fig.) to be in seventh heaven

纵欲 縱慾 zong4 yu4
to indulge in debauchery