afraid; be feared; to fear; to frighten; to intimidate

strokes 21
strokes after radical 18
核威慑 核威懾 he2 wei1 she4
nuclear deterrence

核威慑力量 核威懾力量 he2 wei1 she4 li4 liang5
nuclear deterrent

核威慑政策 核威懾政策 he2 wei1 she4 zheng4 ce4
policy of nuclear intimidation

慑服 懾服 she4 fu2
to overawe; to be scared into submission

威慑 威懾 wei1 she4
to cower by military force; deterrence

威慑力量 威懾力量 wei1 she4 li4 liang5
deterrent force; deterrent

震慑 震懾 zhen4 she4
to awe; to intimidate