ability; talent; sb of a certain type; a capable individual; only; only then; just now

a moment ago; just now; (indicating sth happening later than expected); (preceded by a clause of condition or reason) not until; (followed by a numerical clause) only

strokes 3
strokes after radical 0
比才 比才 bi4 cai2
Bizet (name); Georges Bizet (1838-1875), French musician, composer of opera Carmen

辩才 辯才 bian4 cai2

辩才天 辯才天 bian4 cai2 tian1
Saraswati (the Hindu goddess of wisdom and arts and consort of Lord Brahma)

博学多才 博學多才 bo2 xue2 duo1 cai2
erudite and multi-talented (idiom); versatile and able

不才 不才 bu4 cai2
untalented; I; me (humble)

不打不成才 不打不成才 bu4 da3 bu4 cheng2 cai2
spare the rod and spoil the child (idiom)

才不 才不 cai2 bu4
by no means; definitely not; as if!; yeah right!

才德 才德 cai2 de2
talent and virtue

才分 才分 cai2 fen4
ability; talent; gift

才干 才幹 cai2 gan4
ability; competence

才高八斗 才高八斗 cai2 gao1 ba1 dou3
of great talent (idiom)

才怪 才怪 cai2 guai4
it'd be a wonder if... (following a verb phrase that is usually negative)

才华 才華 cai2 hua2

才华出众 才華出眾 cai2 hua2 chu1 zhong4
outstanding talent (idiom); incomparable artistic merit

才华盖世 才華蓋世 cai2 hua2 gai4 shi4
peerless talent (idiom); incomparable artistic merit

才华横溢 才華橫溢 cai2 hua2 heng2 yi4
brimming over with talent (esp. literary); brilliant

才兼文武 才兼文武 cai2 jian1 wen2 wu3
talent in both military and civil field (idiom)

才略 才略 cai2 lve4
ability and sagacity

才貌双全 才貌雙全 cai2 mao4 shuang1 quan2
talented and good-looking (idiom)

才能 才能 cai2 neng2
talent; ability; capacity

才女 才女 cai2 nv3
talented girl

才气 才氣 cai2 qi4
talent (usually literary or artistic)

才气过人 才氣過人 cai2 qi4 guo4 ren2
an outstanding talent (idiom); surpassing insight and acumen

才然 纔然 cai2 ran2
just recently; just a moment ago; just now

才识 才識 cai2 shi2
ability and insight

才识过人 才識過人 cai2 shi2 guo4 ren2
an outstanding talent (idiom); surpassing insight and acumen

才疏学浅 才疏學淺 cai2 shu1 xue2 qian3
(humble expr.) of humble talent and shallow learning (idiom); Pray forgive my ignorance,...

才思 才思 cai2 si1
imaginative power; creativeness

才外流 才外流 cai2 wai4 liu2
brain drain

才学 才學 cai2 xue2
talent and learning; scholarship

才艺 才藝 cai2 yi4

才艺技能 才藝技能 cai2 yi4 ji4 neng2

才艺秀 才藝秀 cai2 yi4 xiu4
talent show

才智 才智 cai2 zhi4
ability and wisdom

才子 才子 cai2 zi3
gifted scholar

才子佳人 才子佳人 cai2 zi3 jia1 ren2
gifted scholar, beautiful lady (idiom); pair of ideal lovers

成才 成才 cheng2 cai2
to make sth of oneself; to become a person who is worthy of respect

初露才华 初露才華 chu1 lu4 cai2 hua2
first sign of budding talent; to display one's ability for the first time

蠢才 蠢才 chun3 cai2
variant of 蠢材

聪明才智 聰明才智 cong1 ming5 cai2 zhi4
intelligence and wisdom

大才小用 大才小用 da4 cai2 xiao3 yong4
lit. making little use of great talent; to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut

德才 德才 de2 cai2
ethics and ability; virtuous and talented

德才兼备 德才兼備 de2 cai2 jian1 bei4
having both integrity and talent (idiom)

登庸人才 登庸人才 deng1 yong1 ren2 cai2
to employ talent (idiom)

多才 多才 duo1 cai2
multi-talented; many-sided skills

多才多艺 多才多藝 duo1 cai2 duo1 yi4

方才 方才 fang1 cai2
just now; then

冯骥才 馮驥才 feng2 ji4 cai2
Feng Jicai (1942-), novelist from Tianjin, author of Extraordinary people in our ordinary world 俗世奇人

干才 幹才 gan4 cai2
ability; capable

刚才 剛才 gang1 cai2
just now; a moment ago

刚才 剛纔 gang1 cai2
(just) a moment ago

高才 高才 gao1 cai2
great talent; rare capability; person of outstanding ability

高才生 高才生 gao1 cai2 sheng1
student of great ability; talented student

鬼才信 鬼才信 gui3 cai2 xin4
who would believe it!; what rubbish!

怀才不遇 懷才不遇 huai2 cai2 bu4 yu4
to have talent but no opportunity (idiom); to be an unrecognized talent

佳人才子 佳人才子 jia1 ren2 cai2 zi3
beautiful lady, gifted scholar (idiom); pair of ideal lovers

江郎才尽 江郎才盡 jiang1 lang2 cai2 jin4
Jiang Yan has exhausted his talent (idiom); fig. to have used up one's creative powers; to have writer's block

江南四大才子 江南四大才子 jiang1 nan2 si4 da4 cai2 zi3
Four great southern talents of the Ming, namely: Tang Bohu 唐伯虎, Zhu Zhishan 祝枝山, Wen Zhengming 文徵明|文征明 and Xu Zhenqing 徐禎卿|徐祯卿

将才 將才 jiang4 cai2
talented field commander (military)

口才 口才 kou3 cai2

郎才女貌 郎才女貌 lang2 cai2 nv3 mao4
talented man and beautiful woman; ideal couple

量才录用 量才錄用 liang4 cai2 lu4 yong4
to assess sb's capabilities and employ him accordingly (idiom); to employ sb competent for the task

茂才 茂才 mao4 cai2
see 秀才

男才女貌 男才女貌 nan2 cai2 nv3 mao4
talented man and beautiful woman; ideal couple

奴才 奴才 nu2 cai5
slave; fig. flunkey

女子无才便是德 女子無才便是德 nv3 zi3 wu2 cai2 bian4 shi4 de2
a woman's virtue is to have no talent (idiom)

偏才 偏才 pian1 cai2
talent in a particular area

奇才 奇才 qi2 cai2

屈才 屈才 qu1 cai2
to waste talent

全才 全才 quan2 cai2
all-rounder; versatile

却才 卻才 que4 cai2
just now

人才 人才 ren2 cai2
talent; talented person; looks; attractive looks

人才济济 人才濟濟 ren2 cai2 ji3 ji3
a galaxy of talent (idiom); a great number of competent people

人才流失 人才流失 ren2 cai2 liu2 shi1
brain drain; outflow of talent

人才外流 人才外流 ren2 cai2 wai4 liu2
brain drain

人尽其才 人盡其才 ren2 jin4 qi2 cai2
employ one's talent to the fullest; everyone gives of their best

社交才能 社交才能 she4 jiao1 cai2 neng2
social accomplishment

身才 身才 shen1 cai2
stature; build (height and weight); figure

识才 識才 shi2 cai2
to recognize talent

识才尊贤 識才尊賢 shi2 cai2 zun1 xian2
to recognize talent and have great respect for it

识多才广 識多才廣 shi2 duo1 cai2 guang3
knowledgeable and versatile

适才 適才 shi4 cai2
just now; a moment ago

恃才傲物 恃才傲物 shi4 cai2 ao4 wu4
to be inordinately proud of one's ability; to be conceited and contemptuous (idiom)

天才 天才 tian1 cai2
talent; gift; genius; talented; gifted

天才出自勤奋 天才出自勤奮 tian1 cai2 chu1 zi4 qin2 fen4
genius comes from hard effort; Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration (Thomas Edison)

天妒英才 天妒英才 tian1 du4 ying1 cai2
heaven is jealous of heroic genius (idiom); the great have great hardship to contend with; those whom the Gods love die young

通才 通才 tong1 cai2
polymath; all-round person

通才教育 通才教育 tong1 cai2 jiao4 yu4
liberal education; general education

贤才 賢才 xian2 cai2
a genius; a talented person

雄才大略 雄才大略 xiong2 cai2 da4 lve4
great skill and strategy

秀才 秀才 xiu4 cai5
a person who has passed the county level imperial exam (historical); scholar; skillful writer; fine talent

秀才不出门,能知天下事 秀才不出門,能知天下事 xiu4 cai5 bu4 chu1 men2 - neng2 zhi1 tian1 xia4 shi4
a learned person need not leave his home to know what's going on in the world (idiom)

秀才不出门,全知天下事 秀才不出門,全知天下事 xiu4 cai5 bu4 chu1 men2 - quan2 zhi1 tian1 xia4 shi4
a learned person need not leave his home to know what's going on in the world (idiom)

异才 異才 yi4 cai2
extraordinary talent

庸才 庸才 yong1 cai2

有才干 有才幹 you3 cai2 gan4

真才实学 真才實學 zhen1 cai2 shi2 xue2
solid learning; real ability and learning; genuine talent

征才 徵才 zheng1 cai2
to recruit

专业人才 專業人才 zhuan1 ye4 ren2 cai2
expert (in a field)

自学成才 自學成才 zi4 xue2 cheng2 cai2
a self-made genius