to fasten; to button; button; buckle; knot; to arrest; to confiscate; to deduct (money); discount; to knock; to smash, spike or dunk (a ball); to cover (with a bowl etc); fig. to tag a label on sb


strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
暴扣 暴扣 bao4 kou4
slam dunk (basketball)

不折不扣 不折不扣 bu4 zhe2 bu4 kou4
a hundred percent; to the letter; out-and-out

查扣 查扣 cha2 kou4
to seize; to confiscate

搭扣 搭扣 da1 kou4
a buckle or fastener for clothing that does not use a button and buttonhole (e.g. the buckle on metal wristwatches)

打折扣 打折扣 da3 zhe2 kou4
to give a discount; to be of less value than anticipated

带扣 帶釦 dai4 kou4

代扣 代扣 dai4 kou4
to withhold tax (from employee's salary)

登山扣 登山扣 deng1 shan1 kou4

抵扣 抵扣 di3 kou4
to deduct from; to compensate

吊扣 吊扣 diao4 kou4
to suspend (a licence etc)

摁扣儿 摁釦兒 en4 kou4 er5
a popper; a snap fastener

钩扣 鉤扣 gou1 kou4

哈扣 哈扣 ha1 kou4
hardcore (loanword)

环环相扣 環環相扣 huan2 huan2 xiang1 kou4
closely linked with one another; interlocked; to interrelate

回扣 回扣 hui2 kou4
brokerage; a commission paid to a middleman; euphemism for a bribe; a kickback

解扣 解釦 jie3 kou4
lit. to unbutton; fig. to solve a dispute

紧扣 緊扣 jin3 kou4
to stick closely to (a topic or theme etc)

克扣 剋扣 ke4 kou4
to dock; to deduct; to embezzle

扣查 扣查 kou4 cha2
to detain and question

扣除 扣除 kou4 chu2
to deduct

扣带回 扣帶回 kou4 dai4 hui2
cingulum (anatomy)

扣发 扣發 kou4 fa1
to deprive; to withhold; to hold sth back (and prevent it being known)

扣分 扣分 kou4 fen1
to deduct marks (when grading school work); to have marks deducted; penalty points; to lose points for a penalty or error

扣关 扣關 kou4 guan1
variant of 叩關|叩关

扣环 釦環 kou4 huan2
ring fastener; buckle; retainer strap

扣击 扣擊 kou4 ji1
to smash a ball

扣缴 扣繳 kou4 jiao3
to withhold; to garnish (wages etc)

扣扣 扣扣 kou4 kou4
(Internet slang) QQ instant messenger

扣篮 扣籃 kou4 lan2
slam dunk

扣留 扣留 kou4 liu2
to detain; to arrest; to hold; to confiscate

扣帽子 扣帽子 kou4 mao4 zi5
to tag sb with unfair label; power word

扣女 扣女 kou4 nv3
(slang) to pick up girls; to chase after girls

扣襻 釦襻 kou4 pan4

扣球 扣球 kou4 qiu2
to smash a ball; to spike

扣去 扣去 kou4 qu4
to deduct (points etc)

扣人心弦 扣人心弦 kou4 ren2 xin1 xian2
to excite; to thrill; exciting; thrilling; cliff-hanging

扣肉 扣肉 kou4 rou4
steamed pork

扣杀 扣殺 kou4 sha1
to smash a ball; to spike

扣上 扣上 kou4 shang4
to buckle up; to fasten

扣屎盔子 扣屎盔子 kou4 shi3 kui1 zi5
(northern dialect) lit. to cap in excrement; fig. to discredit with absurd unfounded accusations; to vilify

扣屎盆子 扣屎盆子 kou4 shi3 pen2 zi5
to make a scapegoat of sb; to defame; to slander

扣式电池 扣式電池 kou4 shi4 dian4 chi2
button cell; watch battery

扣题 扣題 kou4 ti2
to stick to the topic

扣押 扣押 kou4 ya1
to detain; to hold in custody; to distrain; to seize property

扣压 扣壓 kou4 ya1
to withhold; to hold sth back (and prevent it being known)

扣眼 釦眼 kou4 yan3
eyelet; buttonhole

扣眼儿 釦眼兒 kou4 yan3 er5
erhua variant of 釦眼|扣眼

扣应 扣應 kou4 ying4
to call in (to a broadcast program) (loanword) (Taiwan)

扣住 扣住 kou4 zhu4
to detain; to hold back by force; to buckle; to hook

扣子 釦子 kou4 zi5

领扣 領釦 ling3 kou4
collar button

门扣 門釦 men2 kou4
door latch

尼龙搭扣 尼龍搭釦 ni2 long2 da1 kou4
nylon buckle; velcro

黏扣带 黏扣帶 nian2 kou4 dai4
velcro (Tw)

纽扣 紐扣 niu3 kou4

钮扣 鈕釦 niu3 kou4
variant of 紐扣|纽扣

皮带扣 皮帶釦 pi2 dai4 kou4
belt buckle

认死扣儿 認死扣兒 ren4 si3 kou4 er5

袖扣 袖扣 xiu4 kou4
cuff link

预扣 預扣 yu4 kou4
to withhold

折扣 折扣 zhe2 kou4