to pull; to tear; (of cloth, thread etc) to buy; to chat; to gossip; (coll.) (Tw) ridiculous; hokey

variant of 扯; to pull; to tear

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
掰扯 掰扯 bai1 che5
to debate; to dispute; to wrangle (dialect)

白扯蛋 白扯蛋 bai2 che3 dan4
variant of 白扯淡

白扯淡 白扯淡 bai2 che3 dan4
(coll.) to talk rubbish

扯蛋 扯蛋 che3 dan4
variant of 扯淡

扯淡 扯淡 che3 dan4
to talk nonsense

扯犊子 扯犢子 che3 du2 zi5
(dialect) to talk nonsense; to chat idly

扯后腿 扯後腿 che3 hou4 tui3
to be a drag or hindrance on sb

扯谎 扯謊 che3 huang3
to tell a lie

扯鸡巴蛋 扯雞巴蛋 che3 ji1 ba5 dan4
to talk shit; to drivel; bullshit

扯家常 扯家常 che3 jia1 chang2
to engage in small talk; to chit chat

扯裂 扯裂 che3 lie4

扯铃 扯鈴 che3 ling2
diabolo; Chinese yo-yo

扯皮 扯皮 che3 pi2
to wrangle; wrangling

扯皮条 扯皮條 che3 pi2 tiao2
see 拉皮條|拉皮条

扯平 扯平 che3 ping2
to make even; to balance; (fig.) to be even; to call it quits

扯破 扯破 che3 po4
tear apart

扯嗓子 扯嗓子 che3 sang3 zi5
to raise one's voice; to speak at the top of one's voice

扯谈 扯談 che3 tan2
to talk nonsense (dialect)

扯远 扯遠 che3 yuan3
to digress; to get sidetracked; to go off on a tangent

扯住 扯住 che3 zhu4
to grasp firmly

丢轮扯炮 丟輪扯砲 diu1 lun2 che3 pao4
lose a wheel, tear at the gun (idiom); flustered and confused in a panic

东拉西扯 東拉西扯 dong1 la1 xi1 che3
to talk about this and that (idiom); to ramble incoherently

狗扯羊皮 狗扯羊皮 gou3 che3 yang2 pi2
to fuss around; to buzz about uselessly; to wag one's tongue

鬼扯 鬼扯 gui3 che3
nonsense; humbug; bunk; bullshit

鬼扯腿 鬼扯腿 gui3 che3 tui3
unable to restrain oneself; pulling and tugging at each other

胡扯 胡扯 hu2 che3
to chatter; nonsense; blather

胡扯八溜 胡扯八溜 hu2 che3 ba1 liu1
to talk nonsense

胡扯淡 胡扯淡 hu2 che3 dan4
nonsense; irresponsible patter

胡诌八扯 胡謅八扯 hu2 zhou1 ba1 che3
to talk random nonsense (idiom); to say whatever comes into one's head

胡诌乱扯 胡謅亂扯 hu2 zhou1 luan4 che3
to talk nonsense (idiom); saying whatever comes into his head

互相扯皮 互相扯皮 hu4 xiang1 che3 pi2
to pass the buck; to shirk responsibility

拉扯 拉扯 la1 che5
to drag; to pull; to raise a child (through difficulties); to help; to support; to drag in; to chat

拉扯大 拉扯大 la1 che5 da4
(coll.) to bring up; to rear; to raise

拉拉扯扯 拉拉扯扯 la1 la1 che3 che3
to tug at; to pull at sb aggressively; to take sb's hand or arm in a too familiar way; (derog.) to hobnob; to consort

攀扯 攀扯 pan1 che3
to implicate

牵扯 牽扯 qian1 che3
to involve; to implicate

生拉活扯 生拉活扯 sheng1 la1 huo2 che3
to wildly exaggerate the meaning of sth (idiom)

撕扯 撕扯 si1 che3
to tear apart

瞎扯 瞎扯 xia1 che3
to talk irresponsibly; to talk nonsense

瞎扯蛋 瞎扯蛋 xia1 che3 dan4
to talk irresponsibly; to talk nonsense

闲扯 閒扯 xian2 che3
to chat; idle talk

油泼扯面 油潑扯麵 you2 po1 che3 mian4
broad, belt-shaped noodles, popular in Shaanxi, also known as biángbiáng miàn