variant of 扼

to grip forcefully; to clutch at; to guard; to control; to hold

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
扼喉抚背 扼喉撫背 e4 hou2 fu3 bei4
lit. to strangle the front and press the back (idiom); fig. to occupy all key points (military)

扼襟控咽 扼襟控咽 e4 jin1 kong4 yan1
to secure a stranglehold (idiom); fig. to hold a strategic pass

扼颈 扼頸 e4 jing3
to strangle; to throttle

扼杀 扼殺 e4 sha1
to strangle; to throttle

扼守 扼守 e4 shou3
to hold a pass; to guard (a strategic location)

扼死 扼死 e4 si3
to strangle; to throttle; to stifle (opinions)

扼腕 扼腕 e4 wan4
to wring one's hands (literally wring one's wrists)

扼要 扼要 e4 yao4
to the point; concise

扼制 扼制 e4 zhi4
to control; to restrain

简明扼要 簡明扼要 jian3 ming2 e4 yao4
brief and to the point (idiom); succinct