surname Cheng; Cheng (c. 2000 BC), third of the legendary Flame Emperors 炎帝 descended from Shennong 神農|神农 Farmer God

to bear; to carry; to hold; to continue; to undertake; to take charge; owing to; due to; to receive

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
百般奉承 百般奉承 bai3 ban1 feng4 cheng2
to fawn upon sb in every possible way

包承制 包承制 bao1 cheng2 zhi4
responsible crew system

包承组 包承組 bao1 cheng2 zu3
(responsible) crew

秉承 秉承 bing3 cheng2
to take orders; to receive commands; to carry on (a tradition)

禀承 稟承 bing3 cheng2
variant of 秉承

不承认主义 不承認主義 bu4 cheng2 ren4 zhu3 yi4
policy of non-recognition

承办 承辦 cheng2 ban4
to undertake; to accept a contract

承包 承包 cheng2 bao1
to contract; to undertake (a job)

承包人 承包人 cheng2 bao1 ren2

承包商 承包商 cheng2 bao1 shang1

承担 承擔 cheng2 dan1
to undertake; to assume (responsibility etc)

承当 承當 cheng2 dang1
to bear (responsibility); to take on; to assume

承德 承德 cheng2 de2
Chengde prefecture level city in Hebei; also Chengde county

承德地区 承德地區 cheng2 de2 di4 qu1
Chengde prefecture (old name); now Chengde prefecture level city

承德市 承德市 cheng2 de2 shi4
Chengde prefecture level city in Hebei

承德县 承德縣 cheng2 de2 xian4
Chengde county in Chengde 承德, Hebei

承兑 承兌 cheng2 dui4
to accept (i.e. acknowledge as calling for payment) (commerce); to honor (a check, a promise)

承乏 承乏 cheng2 fa2
to accept a position on a provisional basis, in the absence of better qualified candidates (humble expr.)

承付 承付 cheng2 fu4
to promise to pay

承欢 承歡 cheng2 huan1
to cater to sb to make them happy (esp. of one's parents)

承籍 承籍 cheng2 ji2
to inherit a rank (from a predecessor)

承继 承繼 cheng2 ji4
adoption (e.g. of a nephew as a son); to inherit

承建 承建 cheng2 jian4
to construct under contract

承接 承接 cheng2 jie1
to receive; to accept; to carry on

承揽 承攬 cheng2 lan3
to contract for an entire project

承蒙 承蒙 cheng2 meng2
to be indebted (to sb)

承蒙关照 承蒙關照 cheng2 meng2 guan1 zhao4
to be indebted to sb for care; thank you for looking after me

承诺 承諾 cheng2 nuo4
to promise; to undertake to do something; commitment

承平 承平 cheng2 ping2
(periods of) peace and prosperity; peaceful

承前启后 承前啟後 cheng2 qian2 qi3 hou4
to follow the past and herald the future (idiom); part of a historical transition; forming a bridge between earlier and later stages

承让 承讓 cheng2 rang4
you let me win (said politely after winning a game)

承让人 承讓人 cheng2 rang4 ren2
grantee (law)

承认 承認 cheng2 ren4
to admit; to concede; to recognize; recognition (diplomatic, artistic etc); to acknowledge

承认控罪 承認控罪 cheng2 ren4 kong4 zui4
guilty plea (law)

承上起下 承上起下 cheng2 shang4 qi3 xia4
to follow the past and herald the future (idiom); part of a historical transition; forming a bridge between earlier and later stages

承审法官 承審法官 cheng2 shen3 fa3 guan1
trial judge

承受 承受 cheng2 shou4
to bear; to support; to inherit

承受力 承受力 cheng2 shou4 li4
tolerance; capability of adapting oneself

承顺 承順 cheng2 shun4
to comply with; to submit to

承头 承頭 cheng2 tou2
to take responsibility

承望 承望 cheng2 wang4
to expect (often in negative combination, I never expected...); to look forward to

承袭 承襲 cheng2 xi2
to inherit; to follow; to adopt

承先启后 承先啟後 cheng2 xian1 qi3 hou4
see 承前啟後|承前启后

承销 承銷 cheng2 xiao1
to underwrite (i.e. guarantee financing); underwriting; to sell as agent; consignee

承销店 承銷店 cheng2 xiao1 dian4

承销货物 承銷貨物 cheng2 xiao1 huo4 wu4
goods on consignment

承销价差 承銷價差 cheng2 xiao1 jia4 cha1
underwriting spread

承销利差 承銷利差 cheng2 xiao1 li4 cha1
underwriting spread

承销品 承銷品 cheng2 xiao1 pin3
goods on consignment

承销人 承銷人 cheng2 xiao1 ren2
sales agent; salesman; consignee; underwriter

承销商 承銷商 cheng2 xiao1 shang1
underwriting company; dealership; sales agency

承销团 承銷團 cheng2 xiao1 tuan2
underwriting group

承应 承應 cheng2 ying4
to agree; to promise

承运 承運 cheng2 yun4
to provide transport; to accept the Mandate of Heaven; to acknowledge one's calling to be emperor

承运人 承運人 cheng2 yun4 ren2
carrier (of goods etc)

承载 承載 cheng2 zai4
to bear the weight; to sustain

承载力 承載力 cheng2 zai4 li4
carrying capacity

承重 承重 cheng2 zhong4
to sustain; to bear the weight (of the upper storeys in architecture); load-bearing

承重孙 承重孫 cheng2 zhong4 sun1
eldest grandson (to sustain upper storeys of ancestor worship)

承转 承轉 cheng2 zhuan3
to transmit a document (up or down a chain of bureaucracy)

承租 承租 cheng2 zu1
to rent; to lease

承租方 承租方 cheng2 zu1 fang1
borrower; leaser; the hiring side of a contract

承租人 承租人 cheng2 zu1 ren2
leaser; tenant

承做 承做 cheng2 zuo4
to undertake; to take on (i.e. to accept a task)

传承 傳承 chuan2 cheng2
to pass on (to future generations); passed on (from former times); a continued tradition; an inheritance

担承 擔承 dan1 cheng2
to undertake; to assume (responsibility etc)

阿谀奉承 阿諛奉承 e1 yu2 feng4 cheng2
flattering and fawning (idiom); sweet-talking

奉承者 奉承者 feng4 cheng2 zhe3

奉承 奉承 feng4 cheng5
to fawn on; to flatter; to ingratiate oneself; flattery

奉承讨好 奉承討好 feng4 cheng5 tao3 hao3
to curry favor; to get the desired outcome by flattery

滚珠轴承 滾珠軸承 gun3 zhu1 zhou2 cheng2
ball bearing

滚子轴承 滾子軸承 gun3 zi5 zhou2 cheng2
roller bearing

继承 繼承 ji4 cheng2
to inherit; to succeed to (the throne etc); to carry on (a tradition etc)

继承权 繼承權 ji4 cheng2 quan2
right of inheritance

继承人 繼承人 ji4 cheng2 ren2
heir; successor

继承衣钵 繼承衣缽 ji4 cheng2 yi1 bo1
to take up sb's mantle; to follow in sb's steps

继承者 繼承者 ji4 cheng2 zhe3

李承晚 李承晚 li3 cheng2 wan3
Syngman Rhee (1875-1965), US trained Korean politician and dictator, president of Republic of Korea 1948-1960

满口应承 滿口應承 man3 kou3 ying4 cheng2
to promise readily

农村家庭联产承包责任制 農村家庭聯產承包責任制 nong2 cun1 jia1 ting2 lian2 chan3 cheng2 bao1 ze2 ren4 zhi4
rural household contract responsibility system, PRC government policy linking rural income to productivity

女继承人 女繼承人 nv3 ji4 cheng2 ren2

绕膝承欢 繞膝承歡 rao4 xi1 cheng2 huan1
to live with one's parents, thus bringing them happiness (idiom)

司马承帧 司馬承幀 si1 ma3 cheng2 zhen1
Sima Chengzhen (655-735), Daoist priest in Tang dynasty

坦承 坦承 tan3 cheng2
to confess; to admit; to come clean; calmly

提示承兑 提示承兌 ti2 shi4 cheng2 dui4
to present (a draft) for acceptance (commerce)

吴承恩 吳承恩 wu2 cheng2 en1
Wu Cheng'en (1500-1582), author (or compiler) of novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记

无船承运人 無船承運人 wu2 chuan2 cheng2 yun4 ren2
non-vessel-owning common carrier (NVOCC) (transportation)

相承 相承 xiang1 cheng2
to complement one another

一脉相承 一脈相承 yi1 mai4 xiang1 cheng2
traceable to the same stock (idiom); of a common origin (of trends, ideas etc)

应承 應承 ying4 cheng2
to agree (to do sth); to promise

应天承运 應天承運 ying4 tian1 cheng2 yun4
lit. to respond to heaven and suit the times (idiom); to rule according to the will of heaven; the Divine Right of kings

优先承购权 優先承購權 you1 xian1 cheng2 gou4 quan2
prior purchase right; right of first refusal (ROFR); preemptive right to purchase

支承 支承 zhi1 cheng2
to support; to bear the weight of (a building)

支承销 支承銷 zhi1 cheng2 xiao1
fulcrum pin

轴承 軸承 zhou2 cheng2
bearing (mechanical)

轴承销 軸承銷 zhou2 cheng2 xiao1
pin bearing

主承销商 主承銷商 zhu3 cheng2 xiao1 shang1
lead underwriter

主轴承 主軸承 zhu3 zhou2 cheng2
main bearing