to make a copy; to plagiarize; to search and seize; to raid; to grab; to go off with; to take a shortcut; to make a turning move; to fold one's arms

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
包抄 包抄 bao1 chao1
to outflank; to envelop

查抄 查抄 cha2 chao1
to take inventory of and confiscate a criminal's possessions; to search and confiscate (forbidden items); to raid

抄靶子 抄靶子 chao1 ba3 zi5
(dialect) to do a body search; to frisk

抄本 抄本 chao1 ben3
handwritten copy

抄查 抄查 chao1 cha2
to search and confiscate

抄道 抄道 chao1 dao4
to take a shortcut

抄后路 抄後路 chao1 hou4 lu4
to outflank and attack from the rear

抄获 抄獲 chao1 huo4
to search and seize

抄家 抄家 chao1 jia1
to search a house and confiscate possessions

抄件 抄件 chao1 jian4
duplicate (copy)

抄近 抄近 chao1 jin4
to take a shortcut

抄近儿 抄近兒 chao1 jin4 er5
erhua variant of 抄近

抄近路 抄近路 chao1 jin4 lu4
to take a shortcut

抄录 抄錄 chao1 lu4
to make a copy of

抄身 抄身 chao1 shen1
to search (a person); to frisk

抄手 抄手 chao1 shou3
to fold one's arms; copyist; (dialect) wonton

抄送 抄送 chao1 song4
to make a copy (and send it to someone); Cc (for email); Carbon Copy (for email)

抄网 抄網 chao1 wang3
dip net

抄袭 抄襲 chao1 xi2
to plagiarize; to copy; to attack the flank or rear of an enemy

抄小路 抄小路 chao1 xiao3 lu4
to take the back roads; to take the side streets; to take the small paths

抄写 抄寫 chao1 xie3
to copy; to transcribe

传抄 傳抄 chuan2 chao1
to copy (a text) from person to person; (of a text) to be transmitted by copying

兜抄 兜抄 dou1 chao1
to surround and attack; to corner; to envelop

满门抄斩 滿門抄斬 man3 men2 chao1 zhan3
to execute the whole family unto the third generation

手抄本 手抄本 shou3 chao1 ben3
manuscript copy of a book (before the printing press)

文抄公 文抄公 wen2 chao1 gong1

小抄 小抄 xiao3 chao1
cheat sheet; crib sheet

小抄儿 小抄兒 xiao3 chao1 er5
erhua variant of 小抄

一言抄百总 一言抄百總 yi1 yan2 chao1 bai3 zong3
to cut a long story short

摘抄 摘抄 zhai1 chao1
to extract; to excerpt

照抄 照抄 zhao4 chao1
to copy word for word

做小抄 做小抄 zuo4 xiao3 chao1
to prepare a crib sheet; to crib; to cheat by copying