to restrain; to restrict; to keep down; or

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
贬抑 貶抑 bian3 yi4
to belittle; to disparage; to demean

顿挫抑扬 頓挫抑揚 dun4 cuo4 yi4 yang2
cadence; modulation

遏抑 遏抑 e4 yi4
to suppress; to restrain

扶弱抑强 扶弱抑強 fu2 ruo4 yi4 qiang2
to support the weak and restrain the strong (idiom); robbing the rich to help the poor

抗抑郁药 抗抑鬱藥 kang4 yi4 yu4 yao4

男性贬抑 男性貶抑 nan2 xing4 bian3 yi4

女性贬抑 女性貶抑 nv3 xing4 bian3 yi4

平抑 平抑 ping2 yi4
to stabilize; to keep (prices, vermin etc) under control

笑不可抑 笑不可抑 xiao4 bu4 ke3 yi4
to laugh irrepressibly

压抑 壓抑 ya1 yi4
to constrain or repress emotions; oppressive; stifling; depressing; repression

扬抑格 揚抑格 yang2 yi4 ge2

抑或 抑或 yi4 huo4
or; could it be that...?

抑且 抑且 yi4 qie3
(literary) moreover; in addition

抑塞 抑塞 yi4 se4
to repress; gloomy

抑素 抑素 yi4 su4
chalone (protein inhibiting cell proliferation)

抑扬 抑揚 yi4 yang2
modulation (rising and falling pitch); intonation; a cadence; to rise and fall (of a body floating in water)

抑扬顿挫 抑揚頓挫 yi4 yang2 dun4 cuo4
see 頓挫抑揚|顿挫抑扬

抑扬格 抑揚格 yi4 yang2 ge2

抑扬升降性 抑揚昇降性 yi4 yang2 sheng1 jiang4 xing4
property of rising and lowering

抑郁 抑鬱 yi4 yu4
depressed; despondent; gloomy; depression

抑郁不平 抑鬱不平 yi4 yu4 bu4 ping2
in a state of depression (idiom)

抑郁症 抑鬱症 yi4 yu4 zheng4
clinical depression

抑止 抑止 yi4 zhi3
to supress; to restrain

抑制 抑制 yi4 zhi4
to inhibit; to keep down; to suppress

抑制剂 抑制劑 yi4 zhi4 ji4
suppressant; inhibitor

抑制酶 抑制酶 yi4 zhi4 mei2
inhibiting enzyme

抑制作用 抑制作用 yi4 zhi4 zuo4 yong4

冤抑 冤抑 yuan1 yi4
to suffer injustice

躁狂抑郁症 躁狂抑鬱症 zao4 kuang2 yi4 yu4 zheng4
manic depression

自抑 自抑 zi4 yi4
to control oneself