to express; to give expression to; variant of 紓|纾; to relieve

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
各抒己见 各抒己見 ge4 shu1 ji3 jian4
everyone gives their own view

抒发 抒發 shu1 fa1
to express (an emotion); to give vent

抒怀 抒懷 shu1 huai2
to express emotion

抒情 抒情 shu1 qing2
to express emotion; lyric

抒情诗 抒情詩 shu1 qing2 shi1
lyric poetry

抒写 抒寫 shu1 xie3
to express (emotions in prose); a written description (of emotions)

直抒胸臆 直抒胸臆 zhi2 shu1 xiong1 yi4
to speak one's mind