to grab; to catch; to arrest; to snatch; to scratch

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
枷带锁抓 枷帶鎖抓 jia1 dai4 suo3 zhua1
in stocks; in fetter for punishment

乱抓 亂抓 luan4 zhua1
to claw wildly; to scratch frantically; to arrest people indiscriminately

猫抓病 貓抓病 mao1 zhua1 bing4
cat scratch disease; cat scratch fever

眉毛胡子一把抓 眉毛鬍子一把抓 mei2 mao5 hu2 zi5 yi1 ba3 zhua1
careless; any-old-how, regardless of the specific task

手抓羊肉 手抓羊肉 shou3 zhua1 yang2 rou4
hand-held mutton (mutton pieces on the bone, eaten with the fingers)

头发胡子一把抓 頭髮鬍子一把抓 tou2 fa5 hu2 zi5 yi1 ba3 zhua1
lit. hair and beard all in one stroke; fig. to handle different things by the same method; one method to solve all problems; one size fits all

现抓 現抓 xian4 zhua1
to improvise

一把抓 一把抓 yi1 ba3 zhua1
to attempt all tasks at once; to manage every detail regardless of its importance

一抓一大把 一抓一大把 yi1 zhua1 yi1 da4 ba3
a dime a dozen; a great deal of

主抓 主抓 zhu3 zhua1
to be in charge of; to concentrate on

抓包 抓包 zhua1 bao1
to catch sb in the act

抓辫子 抓辮子 zhua1 bian4 zi5
to grab sb by the pigtail; to seize on weak points; to exploit the opponent's shortcomings

抓捕 抓捕 zhua1 bu3
to seize; to capture

抓地 抓地 zhua1 di4
grip on the road; roadholding

抓地力 抓地力 zhua1 di4 li4

抓耳挠腮 抓耳撓腮 zhua1 er3 nao2 sai1
to tweak one's ears and scratch one's cheeks (as an expression of anxiety, delight, frustration etc) (idiom)

抓饭 抓飯 zhua1 fan4
pilau; pilaf; a type of food popular among Muslims

抓工夫 抓工夫 zhua1 gong1 fu5
to maximize one's time; to catch some time out; to find enough time; (also 抓功夫)

抓功夫 抓功夫 zhua1 gong1 fu5
to maximize one's time; to catch some time out; to find enough time; (also 抓工夫)

抓猴 抓猴 zhua1 hou2
(Tw) to catch an adulterous man in the act (from Taiwanese 掠猴, POJ pr. )

抓获 抓獲 zhua1 huo4
to arrest

抓奸 抓姦 zhua1 jian1
to catch a couple in the act (adultery, illicit sexual relations)

抓紧 抓緊 zhua1 jin3
to grasp firmly; to pay special attention to; to rush in; to make the most of

抓紧时间 抓緊時間 zhua1 jin3 shi2 jian1
to snatch time; to rush; to hurry (up); to seize the moment

抓紧学习 抓緊學習 zhua1 jin3 xue2 xi2
to concentrate on studying hard

抓阄 抓鬮 zhua1 jiu1
to draw straws

抓举 抓舉 zhua1 ju3
snatch (weightlifting technique)

抓狂 抓狂 zhua1 kuang2
to blow one's top; to be driven mad; to become frantic

抓力 抓力 zhua1 li4

抓挠 抓撓 zhua1 nao5
to scratch; to mess about with; to quarrel; to scramble to do; sb or sth that one can rely on

抓拍 抓拍 zhua1 pai1
to capture (an image); to snap (a photo)

抓嫖 抓嫖 zhua1 piao2
(of the police) to hunt prostitutes and their clients

抓取 抓取 zhua1 qu3
to seize

抓取程序 抓取程序 zhua1 qu3 cheng2 xu4
spider or crawler bot (Internet)

抓去 抓去 zhua1 qu4
to arrest and take away

抓搔 抓搔 zhua1 sao1
to scratch an itch

抓伤 抓傷 zhua1 shang1
to injure by scratching or clawing

抓手 抓手 zhua1 shou3
starting point; mechanical hand; gripper

抓瞎 抓瞎 zhua1 xia1
to be caught unprepared

抓小辫子 抓小辮子 zhua1 xiao3 bian4 zi5
to catch sb out

抓痒 抓癢 zhua1 yang3
to scratch an itch

抓药 抓藥 zhua1 yao4
to make up a prescription (of herbal medicine)

抓贼 抓賊 zhua1 zei2
to catch a thief

抓周 抓周 zhua1 zhou1
custom of placing a variety of articles (writing brush, abacus etc) before an infant on its first birthday to see which one he or she picks up (The article chosen is supposed to be an indication of the child's inclinations, future career etc.)

抓住 抓住 zhua1 zhu4
to grab; to capture

抓子儿 抓子兒 zhua1 zi3 er5
kids' game involving throwing and grabbing

抓走 抓走 zhua1 zou3
to arrest