to tremble; to shake out; to reveal; to make it in the world

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
颤抖 顫抖 chan4 dou3
to shudder; to shiver; to shake; to tremble

颤抖不已 顫抖不已 chan4 dou3 bu4 yi3
to shake like a leaf (idiom)

抖动 抖動 dou3 dong4
to tremble

抖搂 抖摟 dou3 lou5
to shake out; to bring to light; to squander

抖落 抖落 dou3 luo4
to shake out

抖瑟 抖瑟 dou3 se4
to quiver; to shiver; to tremble

抖擞 抖擻 dou3 sou3
to rouse; to invigorate; to enliven; to put sb into high spirits; con brio

抖擞精神 抖擻精神 dou3 sou3 jing1 shen2
to gather one's spirits; to pull oneself together

抖缩 抖縮 dou3 suo1
to cower; to tremble

发抖 發抖 fa1 dou3
to tremble; to shake; to shiver

精神抖擞 精神抖擻 jing1 shen2 dou3 sou3
spirit trembling with excitement (idiom); in high spirits; lively and full of enthusiasm; full of energy; con brio

穷抖 窮抖 qiong2 dou3
to shake uncontrollably; to jiggle (one's leg etc)

瑟瑟发抖 瑟瑟發抖 se4 se4 fa1 dou3
to shiver with cold

簌簌发抖 簌簌發抖 su4 su4 fa1 dou3
shivering; trembling (idiom)

吓得发抖 嚇得發抖 xia4 de2 fa1 dou3
tremble with fear

战抖 戰抖 zhan4 dou3
to shudder; to tremble