to break; to fracture; to snap; to suffer loss; to bend; to twist; to turn; to change direction; convinced; to convert into (currency); discount; rebate; tenth (in price); classifier for theatrical scenes; to fold; accounts book

variant of 折; to fold

to break (e.g. stick or bone); a loss

to turn sth over; to turn upside down; to tip sth out (of a container)

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
百折不回 百折不回 bai3 zhe2 bu4 hui2
see 百折不撓|百折不挠

百折不挠 百折不撓 bai3 zhe2 bu4 nao2
to keep on fighting in spite of all setbacks (idiom); to be undaunted by repeated setbacks; to be indomitable

波折 波折 bo1 zhe2
twists and turns

不折不扣 不折不扣 bu4 zhe2 bu4 kou4
a hundred percent; to the letter; out-and-out

蟾宫折桂 蟾宮折桂 chan2 gong1 zhe2 gui4
lit. plucking a branch of osmanthus from the Toad Palace (i.e. the moon); fig. to succeed in the imperial examination

存折 存摺 cun2 zhe2
passbook; bankbook

挫折 挫折 cuo4 zhe2
setback; reverse; check; defeat; frustration; disappointment; to frustrate; to discourage; to set sb back; to blunt; to subdue

挫折感 挫折感 cuo4 zhe2 gan3

打折 打折 da3 zhe2
to give a discount

打折扣 打折扣 da3 zhe2 kou4
to give a discount; to be of less value than anticipated

蠹众木折 蠹眾木折 du4 zhong4 mu4 zhe2
Danger appears where many harmful factors exist. (idiom)

对折 對摺 dui4 zhe2
to sell at a 50% discount; to fold in two

反酷刑折磨公约 反酷刑折磨公約 fan3 ku4 xing2 zhe2 mo2 gong1 yue1
UN convention against torture and cruel treatment (ratified by PRC in 1988)

费周折 費周折 fei4 zhou1 zhe2
to spend (much) effort; to go through (a lot of) trouble

骨折 骨折 gu3 zhe2
to suffer a fracture; (of a bone) to break; fracture

横折 橫折 heng2 zhe2
(horizontal-starting right angle character stroke)

回折 回折 hui2 zhe2
diffraction (physics)

回折格子 回折格子 hui2 zhe2 ge2 zi5
diffraction grating (physics)

将功折罪 將功折罪 jiang1 gong1 zhe2 zui4
see 將功贖罪|将功赎罪

九折 九折 jiu3 zhe2
10% off (price)

酷刑折磨 酷刑折磨 ku4 xing2 zhe2 mo2
torture and cruel treatment

亏折 虧折 kui1 zhe2
to make a capital loss

兰摧玉折 蘭摧玉折 lan2 cui1 yu4 zhe2
premature death of a budding talent; those whom the Gods love die young

磨折 磨折 mo2 zhe2
to torture; to torment

盘旋曲折 盤旋曲折 pan2 xuan2 qu1 zhe2
lit. windy and circuitous; difficult (idiom)

赔了夫人又折兵 賠了夫人又折兵 pei2 le5 fu1 ren2 you4 zhe2 bing1
having given away a bride, to lose one's army on top of it (idiom); to suffer a double loss after trying to trick the enemy

破折号 破折號 po4 zhe2 hao4
dash; Chinese dash ── (punct., double the length of the western dash)

曲折 曲折 qu1 zhe2
winding; (fig.) complicated

屈折语 屈折語 qu1 zhe2 yu3
to inflect (in grammar); to decline; to conjugate

折本 折本 she2 ben3
a loss; to lose money

折秤 折秤 she2 cheng4
discrepancy in weight

折耗 折耗 she2 hao4
loss of goods; damage to goods; shrinkage

折钱 折錢 she2 qian2
a loss; to lose money

竖折 豎折 shu4 zhe2
(downwards-starting right angle character stroke)

苏格兰折耳猫 蘇格蘭摺耳貓 su1 ge2 lan2 zhe2 er3 mao1
Scottish Fold

凸折线 凸摺線 tu1 zhe2 xian4
convex polygonal line

弯折 彎折 wan1 zhe2
to bend

未折现 未折現 wei4 zhe2 xian4
undiscounted; full price

心折 心摺 xin1 zhe2
convinced; to admire from the heart; enchanted

夭折 夭折 yao1 zhe2
to die young or prematurely; to come to a premature end; to be aborted prematurely

一波三折 一波三折 yi1 bo1 san1 zhe2
calligraphic flourish with many twists; fig. many twists and turns

一折两段 一折兩段 yi1 zhe2 liang3 duan4
to split sth into two (idiom)

邮折 郵摺 you2 zhe2
(philately) presentation pack; stamp folder

迂回曲折 迂回曲折 yu1 hui2 qu1 zhe2
meandering and circuitous (idiom); complicated developments that never get anywhere; going around in circles

折跟头 折跟頭 zhe1 gen1 tou5
to do a somersault; to turn head over heels

折过儿 折過兒 zhe1 guo4 er5
to turn over

折箩 折籮 zhe1 luo2
mixed dish of the food left over from a banquet

折腾 折騰 zhe1 teng5
to toss from side to side (e.g. sleeplessly); to repeat sth over and over again; to torment sb; to play crazy; to squander (time, money)

折半 折半 zhe2 ban4
to reduce by fifty percent; half-price

折笔 折筆 zhe2 bi3
against the bristles (brush movement in painting)

折变 折變 zhe2 bian4
to sell off sth

折尺 摺尺 zhe2 chi3
folding ruler

折冲樽俎 折衝樽俎 zhe2 chong1 zun1 zu3
lit. to stop the enemy at the banquet table; fig. to get the better of an enemy during diplomatic functions

折挫 折挫 zhe2 cuo4
to frustrate; to inhibit; to make things difficult

折刀 折刀 zhe2 dao1
clasp knife; folding knife

折刀儿 折刀兒 zhe2 dao1 er5
a clasp knife; a folding knife

折叠 折疊 zhe2 die2
to fold; collapsible; folding (bicycle, antenna, bed etc)

折叠式 折疊式 zhe2 die2 shi4
folding (i.e. portable)

折叠椅 折疊椅 zhe2 die2 yi3
folding chair; deck chair

折断 折斷 zhe2 duan4
to snap sth off; to break

折兑 折兌 zhe2 dui4
to cash; to change gold or silver into money

折返 折返 zhe2 fan3
to turn back

折缝 折縫 zhe2 feng2
welt seam (doubled over and sewed again from topside)

折服 折服 zhe2 fu2
to convince; to subdue; to be convinced; to be bowled over

折光 折光 zhe2 guang1

折光 摺光 zhe2 guang1

折桂 折桂 zhe2 gui4
to win the laurels; to pass an imperial examination; to win a championship

折合 折合 zhe2 he2
to convert into; to amount to; to be equivalent to

折痕 折痕 zhe2 hen2
crease; fold

折回 折回 zhe2 hui2
to turn back; to retrace one's steps

折角 折角 zhe2 jiao3
to fold the corner of a page; to dog-ear

折节读书 折節讀書 zhe2 jie2 du2 shu1
to start reading furiously, contrary to previous habit (idiom)

折旧 折舊 zhe2 jiu4

折旧率 折舊率 zhe2 jiu4 lv4
rate of deprecation

折扣 折扣 zhe2 kou4

折磨 折磨 zhe2 mo2
to persecute; to torment

折裙 摺裙 zhe2 qun2
pleated skirt

折杀 折殺 zhe2 sha1
to not deserve (one's good fortune etc)

折煞 折煞 zhe2 sha1
variant of 折殺|折杀

折扇 折扇 zhe2 shan4
folding fan

折射 折射 zhe2 she4
to refract; refraction; to reflect (in the figurative sense: to show the nature of)

折射率 折射率 zhe2 she4 lv4
index of refraction

折寿 折壽 zhe2 shou4
to have one's life shortened (by excesses etc)

折算 折算 zhe2 suan4
to convert (between currencies)

折头 折頭 zhe2 tou5

折线 折線 zhe2 xian4
broken line (continuous figure made up of straight line segments); polygonal line; dog leg

折现 折現 zhe2 xian4
to discount

折现率 折現率 zhe2 xian4 lv4
discount rate

折腰 折腰 zhe2 yao1
to bend at the waist; to bow; (fig.) to bow to; to submit

折椅 摺椅 zhe2 yi3
folding chair

折枝 折枝 zhe2 zhi1
massage; snapped-off branch; sprig; to snap a twig (i.e. sth that requires very little effort)

折纸 摺紙 zhe2 zhi3
paper folding; origami

折衷 折衷 zhe2 zhong1
variant of 折中

折中 折中 zhe2 zhong1
to compromise; to take the middle road; a trade-off; eclectic

折衷鹦鹉 折衷鸚鵡 zhe2 zhong1 ying1 wu3
Eclectus roratus (red-green parrot of Papua-New Guinea)

折衷主义 折衷主義 zhe2 zhong1 zhu3 yi4

折皱 折皺 zhe2 zhou4
fold; crease; wrinkle

折转 折轉 zhe2 zhuan3
reflex (angle); to turn back

折转 摺轉 zhe2 zhuan3
reflex (angle); to turn back

折子 摺子 zhe2 zi5
folding notebook; accounts book

折子戏 折子戲 zhe2 zi5 xi4
opera highlights performed as independent pieces

折奏 摺奏 zhe2 zou4
memorial to the emperor (folded in accordion form)

折罪 折罪 zhe2 zui4
to atone for a crime

周折 周折 zhou1 zhe2
twists and turns; vicissitude; complication; difficulty; effort

皱折 皺折 zhou4 zhe2
crease; fold; ripple; lap

朱云折槛 朱雲折檻 zhu1 yun2 zhe1 kan3
Mr Zhu Yun breaks the railing (idiom); to challenge and admonish boldly

转折 轉折 zhuan3 zhe2
shift in the trend of events; turnaround; plot shift in a book; turn in the conversation

转折点 轉折點 zhuan3 zhe2 dian3
turning point; breaking point

奏折 奏摺 zou4 zhe2
memorial to the emperor (folded in accordion form)