to throw; to toss; to fling; to cast; to abandon

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
抛补 拋補 pao1 bu3
cover (i.e. insurance against loss in financial deals)

抛补套利 拋補套利 pao1 bu3 tao4 li4
covered arbitrage

抛出 拋出 pao1 chu1
to toss; to throw out

抛费 拋費 pao1 fei4
to waste; to squander

抛光 拋光 pao1 guang1
to polish; to burnish

抛荒 拋荒 pao1 huang1
to lie idle (of arable land); fig. rusty because of lack of practice

抛开 拋開 pao1 kai1
to throw out; to get rid of

抛空 拋空 pao1 kong1
to short-sell (finance)

抛离 拋離 pao1 li2
to desert; to leave; to forsake

抛脸 拋臉 pao1 lian3
to lose face; humiliation

抛锚 拋錨 pao1 mao2
to drop anchor; to break down (of a car etc)

抛媚眼 拋媚眼 pao1 mei4 yan3
to throw amorous or flirtatious glances at sb (esp. of a woman)

抛弃 拋棄 pao1 qi4
to abandon; to discard; to renounce; to dump (sb)

抛却 拋卻 pao1 que4
to discard

抛撒 拋撒 pao1 sa3
to sprinkle

抛洒 拋灑 pao1 sa3
to drip; to flow out; to sprinkle

抛散 拋散 pao1 san4
to scatter; to disperse

抛射 拋射 pao1 she4
to throw; to shoot

抛射体 拋射體 pao1 she4 ti3

抛射物 拋射物 pao1 she4 wu4

抛生耦 拋生耦 pao1 sheng1 ou3
to entice an inexperienced man

抛售 拋售 pao1 shou4
to dump (selling abroad more cheaply than cost price at home)

抛体 拋體 pao1 ti3

抛头露面 拋頭露面 pao1 tou2 lou4 mian4
to show your face in public (derog.)

抛物面 拋物面 pao1 wu4 mian4
paraboloid (geometry)

抛物线 拋物線 pao1 wu4 xian4

抛下 拋下 pao1 xia4
to throw down; to dump; to abandon; thrown down

抛下锚 拋下錨 pao1 xia4 mao2
to drop anchor

抛绣球 拋繡球 pao1 xiu4 qiu2
throwing the embroidered ball (traditional Zhuang flirting game at festivals); (fig.) to make overtures; to court

抛掷 拋擲 pao1 zhi4
to throw; to cast

抛砖引玉 拋磚引玉 pao1 zhuan1 yin3 yu4
lit. to throw a brick to attract jade (idiom); fig. I offer a humble remark, please give us your valued opinion (e.g. commonplace remarks as a foreword to a distinguished speech)

双曲抛物面 雙曲拋物面 shuang1 qu1 pao1 wu4 mian4
hyperbolic paraboloid (math.)