to press against; to support; to prop up; to resist; to equal; to balance; to make up for; to mortgage; to arrive at; to clap (one's hands) lightly (expressing delight) (Taiwan pr. for this sense)

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
挨饥抵饿 挨飢抵餓 ai2 ji1 di3 e4
to suffer from hunger

安抵 安抵 an1 di3
to arrive safely

备抵 備抵 bei4 di3
an allowance; to allow for (a drop in value) (accountancy)

不抵抗主义 不抵抗主義 bu4 di3 kang4 zhu3 yi4
policy of nonresistance

不能抵抗 不能抵抗 bu4 neng2 di3 kang4

充抵 充抵 chong1 di3
see 抵充

次级抵押贷款 次級抵押貸款 ci4 ji2 di3 ya1 dai4 kuan3
subprime mortgage

大抵 大抵 da4 di3
generally speaking; by and large; for the most part

抵岸 抵岸 di3 an4
to come ashore

抵补 抵補 di3 bu3
to compensate for; to make good

抵偿 抵償 di3 chang2
to compensate; to make good (a financial loss)

抵充 抵充 di3 chong1
to use in payment; to compensate

抵触 抵觸 di3 chu4
to conflict; to contradict

抵达 抵達 di3 da2
to arrive; to reach (a destination)

抵挡 抵擋 di3 dang3
to resist; to hold back; to stop; to ward off; to withstand

抵华 抵華 di3 hua2
to arrive in China

抵减 抵減 di3 jian3
to claim a credit against; tax reduction

抵拒 抵拒 di3 ju4
to resist; to stand up to

抵抗 抵抗 di3 kang4
to resist; resistance

抵抗力 抵抗力 di3 kang4 li4
resistance; immunity

抵扣 抵扣 di3 kou4
to deduct from; to compensate

抵赖 抵賴 di3 lai4
to refuse to admit (what one has done); to disavow; to renege

抵牾 抵牾 di3 wu3
to conflict with; to contradict; contradiction

抵销 抵銷 di3 xiao1
variant of 抵消

抵消 抵消 di3 xiao1
to counteract; to cancel out; to offset

抵押 抵押 di3 ya1
to provide (an asset) as security for a loan; to put up collateral

抵押贷款 抵押貸款 di3 ya1 dai4 kuan3
mortgage loan

抵押贷款危机 抵押貸款危機 di3 ya1 dai4 kuan3 wei1 ji1
mortgage crisis

抵押品 抵押品 di3 ya1 pin3
security (property held against a loan); mortgaged property

抵押物 抵押物 di3 ya1 wu4
collateral (finance)

抵用 抵用 di3 yong4
to exchange for (sth of equal value or utility); to use in lieu; to redeem (a coupon etc); to use to offset (an amount owed etc)

抵用金 抵用金 di3 yong4 jin1
store credit (credit to be spent at a specified retailer)

抵用券 抵用券 di3 yong4 quan4
coupon; voucher

抵御 抵禦 di3 yu4
to resist; to withstand

抵债 抵債 di3 zhai4
to repay a debt in kind or by labor

抵账 抵賬 di3 zhang4
to repay a debt in kind or by labor

抵制 抵制 di3 zhi4
to resist; to boycott; to refuse (to cooperate); to reject; resistance; refusal

抵住 抵住 di3 zhu4
to resist; to press against; to brace

抵足而眠 抵足而眠 di3 zu2 er2 mian2
lit. to live and sleep together (idiom); fig. a close friendship

抵足而卧 抵足而臥 di3 zu2 er2 wo4
lit. to live and sleep together (idiom); fig. a close friendship

抵罪 抵罪 di3 zui4
to be punished for a crime

角抵 角抵 jue2 di3
wrestling; to wrestle

收支相抵 收支相抵 shou1 zhi1 xiang1 di3
to break even; balance between income and expenditure

相抵 相抵 xiang1 di3
to balance up; to offset; to counterbalance

以身抵债 以身抵債 yi3 shen1 di3 zhai4
forced labor to repay a debt

转抵 轉抵 zhuan3 di3
to convert; to exchange