to wipe

to smear; to wipe; to erase; classifier for wisps of cloud, light-beams etc

to plaster; to go around; to skirt

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
擦抹 擦抹 ca1 mo3
to wipe

淡妆浓抹 淡妝濃抹 dan4 zhuang1 nong2 mo3
in light or heavy makeup (idiom)

拐弯抹角 拐彎抹角 guai3 wan1 mo4 jiao3
lit. going round the curves and skirting the corners (idiom); fig. to speak in a roundabout way; to equivocate; to beat about the bush

哭天抹泪 哭天抹淚 ku1 tian1 mo3 lei4
to wail and whine; piteous weeping

抹布 抹布 ma1 bu4
cleaning rag; also pr.

抹脖子 抹脖子 mo3 bo2 zi5
to slit one's own throat; to commit suicide

抹不下脸 抹不下臉 mo3 bu4 xia4 lian3
to be unable to keep a straight face (idiom)

抹茶 抹茶 mo3 cha2
green tea powder (Japanese: matcha)

抹刀 抹刀 mo3 dao1
scraper; trowel; putty knife

抹黑 抹黑 mo3 hei1
to discredit; to defame; to smear sb's name; to bring shame upon (oneself or one's family etc); to blacken (e.g. commando's face for camouflage); to black out or obliterate (e.g. censored words)

抹灰 抹灰 mo3 hui1
to plaster; to render (a wall); (fig.) to bring shame on; also pr.

抹片 抹片 mo3 pian4
smear (used for medical test) (Tw)

抹平 抹平 mo3 ping2
to flatten; to level; to smooth out

抹去 抹去 mo3 qu4
to erase

抹煞 抹煞 mo3 sha1
variant of 抹殺|抹杀

抹杀 抹殺 mo3 sha1
to erase; to cover traces; to obliterate evidence; to expunge; to blot out; to suppress

抹稀泥 抹稀泥 mo3 xi1 ni2
see 和稀泥

抹香鲸 抹香鯨 mo3 xiang1 jing1
sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus); cachalot

抹消 抹消 mo3 xiao1
to erase; to wipe

抹一鼻子灰 抹一鼻子灰 mo3 yi1 bi2 zi5 hui1
lit. to rub one's nose with dust; to suffer a snub; to meet with a rebuff

抹油 抹油 mo3 you2
to anoint

抹胸 抹胸 mo4 xiong1
old feminine garment, covering chest and abdomen

难以抹去 難以抹去 nan2 yi3 mo3 qu4
hard to erase; ineradicable

浓妆艳抹 濃妝艷抹 nong2 zhuang1 yan4 mo3
to apply makeup conspicuously (idiom); dressed to the nines and wearing makeup

拭抹 拭抹 shi4 mo3
to swab; to wipe up with a mop

涂抹 塗抹 tu2 mo3
to paint; to smear; to apply (makeup etc); to doodle; to erase; to obliterate

涂抹酱 塗抹醬 tu2 mo3 jiang4
spread (for putting on bread etc)

涂脂抹粉 塗脂抹粉 tu2 zhi1 mo3 fen3
to put on makeup; to prettify

往脸上抹黑 往臉上抹黑 wang3 lian3 shang4 mo3 hei1
to bring shame to; to smear; to disgrace

乌漆抹黑 烏漆抹黑 wu1 qi1 ma1 hei1
see 烏漆墨黑|乌漆墨黑

一笔抹杀 一筆抹殺 yi1 bi3 mo3 sha1
to blot out at one stroke; to reject out of hand; to deny without a hearing

一笔抹煞 一筆抹煞 yi1 bi3 mo3 sha1
variant of 一筆抹殺|一笔抹杀

转弯抹角 轉彎抹角 zhuan3 wan1 mo4 jiao3
see 拐彎抹角|拐弯抹角

子宫颈抹片 子宮頸抹片 zi3 gong1 jing3 mo3 pian4
cervical smear (Tw)