to mortgage; to pawn; to detain in custody; to escort and protect; (literary) to sign

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
次级抵押贷款 次級抵押貸款 ci4 ji2 di3 ya1 dai4 kuan3
subprime mortgage

抵押 抵押 di3 ya1
to provide (an asset) as security for a loan; to put up collateral

抵押贷款 抵押貸款 di3 ya1 dai4 kuan3
mortgage loan

抵押贷款危机 抵押貸款危機 di3 ya1 dai4 kuan3 wei1 ji1
mortgage crisis

抵押品 抵押品 di3 ya1 pin3
security (property held against a loan); mortgaged property

抵押物 抵押物 di3 ya1 wu4
collateral (finance)

典押 典押 dian3 ya1
see 典當|典当

非羁押性 非羈押性 fei1 ji1 ya1 xing4
noncustodial (sentence)

关押 關押 guan1 ya1
to imprison; to lock up (in jail)

花押 花押 hua1 ya1
signature (in grass-style writing); symbol used in place of a signature (on a document, contract etc)

画押 畫押 hua4 ya1
to sign; to make one's mark

羁押 羈押 ji1 ya1
to detain; to take into custody; detention; imprisonment

监押 監押 jian1 ya1
a jail; to imprison

拘押 拘押 ju1 ya1
to arrest; to take into custody

拘押营 拘押營 ju1 ya1 ying2
detention center; prison camp

看押 看押 kan1 ya1
to detain; to take into custody; to imprison temporarily

扣押 扣押 kou4 ya1
to detain; to hold in custody; to distrain; to seize property

声押 聲押 sheng1 ya1
to apply to a court for an arrest warrant

收押 收押 shou1 ya1
in custody; to keep sb in detention

押宝 押寶 ya1 bao3
to play yabao (a gambling game); (fig.) to gamble on; to take one's chance; to try one's luck

押车 押車 ya1 che1
to escort (goods) during transportation; to delay unloading (a truck, train etc)

押后 押後 ya1 hou4
to adjourn; to defer

押解 押解 ya1 jie4
to send away under escort (criminals, goods etc)

押金 押金 ya1 jin1
deposit; down payment

押平声韵 押平聲韻 ya1 ping2 sheng1 yun4
to restrict to even tone (i.e. final rhyming syllable must be classical first or second tone 平聲|平声)

押沙龙 押沙龍 ya1 sha1 long2
Absalom, third son of David, king of Israel (Old Testament)

押送 押送 ya1 song4
to send under escort; to transport a detainee

押运 押運 ya1 yun4
to escort (goods or funds); to convey under guard

押韵 押韻 ya1 yun4
to rhyme; sometimes written 壓韻|压韵

押运员 押運員 ya1 yun4 yuan2
supercargo (in maritime law); agent responsible for goods; an escort

押注 押注 ya1 zhu4
to bet; to wager

押租 押租 ya1 zu1
rent deposit