to draw out; to pull out from in between; to remove part of the whole; (of certain plants) to sprout or bud; to whip or thrash

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
病来如山倒,病去如抽丝 病來如山倒,病去如抽絲 bing4 lai2 ru2 shan1 dao3 - bing4 qu4 ru2 chou1 si1
sickness comes like a landslide, but goes slowly like spinning silk (idiom); expect to convalesce slowly

抽插 抽插 chou1 cha1
to slide in and out; thrusting

抽查 抽查 chou1 cha2
random inspection; to do a spot check

抽抽噎噎 抽抽噎噎 chou1 chou5 ye1 ye1
to sob and sniffle

抽出 抽出 chou1 chu1
to take out; to extract

抽搐 抽搐 chou1 chu4
to twitch

抽搭 抽搭 chou1 da1
to sob; to cry

抽打 抽打 chou1 da3
to whip; to flog; to thrash

抽调 抽調 chou1 diao4
to transfer (personnel or material)

抽动 抽動 chou1 dong4
to twitch; to throb; a spasm; to extract and use

抽动症 抽動症 chou1 dong4 zheng4
Tourette syndrome

抽斗 抽斗 chou1 dou3

抽风 抽風 chou1 feng1
to ventilate; to induce a draught; spasm; convulsion

抽风机 抽風機 chou1 feng1 ji1
exhaust fan

抽检 抽檢 chou1 jian3
sampling; spot check; random test

抽奖 抽獎 chou1 jiang3
to draw a prize; a lottery; a raffle

抽筋 抽筋 chou1 jin1
cramp; charley horse; to pull a tendon

抽空 抽空 chou1 kong4
to find the time to do sth

抽冷子 抽冷子 chou1 leng3 zi5
(coll.) unexpectedly

抽离 抽離 chou1 li2
to remove; to step back from involvement; to disengage

抽气 抽氣 chou1 qi4
to draw air out

抽泣 抽泣 chou1 qi4
to sob spasmodically

抽签 抽籤 chou1 qian1
to perform divination with sticks; to draw lots; a ballot (in share dealing)

抽取 抽取 chou1 qu3
to extract; to remove; to draw (a sales commission, venom from a snake etc)

抽认卡 抽認卡 chou1 ren4 ka3

抽身 抽身 chou1 shen1
to get away from; to withdraw; to free oneself

抽时间 抽時間 chou1 shi2 jian1
to (try to) find the time to

抽水泵 抽水泵 chou1 shui3 beng4
water pump

抽水机 抽水機 chou1 shui3 ji1
water pump

抽水马桶 抽水馬桶 chou1 shui3 ma3 tong3
flush toilet

抽水站 抽水站 chou1 shui3 zhan4
water pumping station

抽丝 抽絲 chou1 si1
to spin silk

抽丝剥茧 抽絲剝繭 chou1 si1 bao1 jian3
lit. to spin silk from cocoons; fig. to make a painstaking investigation (idiom)

抽屉 抽屜 chou1 ti5

抽痛 抽痛 chou1 tong4
to throb with pain; throbbing pain; twang; pang

抽头 抽頭 chou1 tou2
to take a percentage of the winnings (in gambling); tap (in an electromagnetic coil); drawer (of a desk etc)

抽象 抽象 chou1 xiang4
abstract; abstraction

抽象词 抽象詞 chou1 xiang4 ci2
abstract word

抽象代数 抽象代數 chou1 xiang4 dai4 shu4
abstract algebra

抽象思维 抽象思維 chou1 xiang4 si1 wei2
abstract thought; logical thinking

抽象域 抽象域 chou1 xiang4 yu4
abstract field (math.)

抽血 抽血 chou1 xue4
to take blood; to draw blood (e.g. for a test)

抽烟 抽煙 chou1 yan1
to smoke (a cigarette, tobacco)

抽菸 抽菸 chou1 yan1
variant of 抽煙|抽烟; to smoke (a cigarette, tobacco)

抽样 抽樣 chou1 yang4
sample; sampling

抽噎 抽噎 chou1 ye1
to sob

抽咽 抽咽 chou1 ye4
to sob

抽油烟机 抽油煙機 chou1 you2 yan1 ji1
range hood; kitchen exhaust hood

抽脂 抽脂 chou1 zhi1

抽纸 抽紙 chou1 zhi3
paper tissue (in a box)

抽中 抽中 chou1 zhong4
to win (a prize in a lottery)

抽嘴巴 抽嘴巴 chou1 zui3 ba5
to slap

慈善抽奖 慈善抽獎 ci2 shan4 chou1 jiang3
a raffle (for charity)

倒抽一口气 倒抽一口氣 dao4 chou1 yi1 kou3 qi4
to gasp (in surprise, dismay, fright etc)

短中抽长 短中抽長 duan3 zhong1 chou1 chang2
to make the best of a bad job; to make the best use of limited resources (idiom)

釜底抽薪 釜底抽薪 fu3 di3 chou1 xin1
to take drastic measures to deal with a situation; to pull the carpet from under sb

老抽 老抽 lao3 chou1
dark soy sauce

生抽 生抽 sheng1 chou1
light soy sauce

双抽 雙抽 shuang1 chou1
black soy sauce

幸运抽奖 幸運抽獎 xing4 yun4 chou1 jiang3
lucky draw; lottery

找抽 找抽 zhao3 chou1
(coll.) to look for trouble