old variant of 弼

to brush away

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
拂士 拂士 bi4 shi4
attendant to the emperor; wise counselor

吹拂 吹拂 chui1 fu2
to brush; to caress (of breeze); to praise

拂尘 拂塵 fu2 chen2
horsetail whisk; duster

拂动 拂動 fu2 dong4
(of a breeze) to make (hair, leaves, clothing etc) sway gently; to ruffle

拂扫 拂掃 fu2 sao3

拂晓 拂曉 fu2 xiao3
daybreak; approach of dawn

拂袖而去 拂袖而去 fu2 xiu4 er2 qu4
to storm off in a huff (idiom)

飘拂 飄拂 piao1 fu2
to drift lightly