to nip; to grasp with the fingers; to fiddle with; Taiwan pr.

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
拈花惹草 拈花惹草 nian1 hua1 re3 cao3
lit. to pick the flowers and trample the grass (idiom); fig. to womanize; to frequent brothels; to sow one's wild oats

拈酸 拈酸 nian1 suan1
(old) to be jealous

拈香 拈香 nian1 xiang1
burn incense

拈指 拈指 nian1 zhi3
a snap of the fingers; a short moment; in a flash; in the twinkling of an eye

惹草拈花 惹草拈花 re3 cao3 nian1 hua1
see 拈花惹草

手到拈来 手到拈來 shou3 dao4 nian1 lai2
lit. to stretch a hand and grab it (idiom); fig. easy to do