to mix; to mix in; to toss (a salad)

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
拌饭 拌飯 ban4 fan4
bibimbap (Korean cuisine)

拌和 拌和 ban4 huo4
to mix and stir; to blend

拌面 拌麵 ban4 mian4
noodles served with soy sauce; sesame butter etc

拌蒜 拌蒜 ban4 suan4
to stagger (walk unsteadily)

拌种 拌種 ban4 zhong3
seed dressing

拌嘴 拌嘴 ban4 zui3
to bicker; to squabble; to quarrel

拌嘴斗舌 拌嘴鬥舌 ban4 zui3 dou4 she2
to quarrel

搅拌 攪拌 jiao3 ban4
to stir; to agitate

搅拌机 攪拌機 jiao3 ban4 ji1
blender; food mixer

凉拌 涼拌 liang2 ban4
salad with dressing; cold vegetables dressed with sauce (e.g. coleslaw)

杂拌 雜拌 za2 ban4
assortment of preserved fruits; (fig.) hodgepodge

杂拌儿 雜拌兒 za2 ban4 er5
erhua variant of 雜拌|杂拌