to pat; to clap; to slap; to swat; to take (a photo); to shoot (a film); racket (sports); beat (music)

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
苍蝇拍 蒼蠅拍 cang1 ying5 pai1

筹拍 籌拍 chou2 pai1
to prepare to film; to plan a shoot

初刻拍案惊奇 初刻拍案驚奇 chu1 ke4 pai1 an4 jing1 qi2
Slapping the Table in Amazement (Part I), first of two books of vernacular stories by Ming dynasty novelist Ling Mengchu 凌濛初|凌蒙初

吹吹拍拍 吹吹拍拍 chui1 chui1 pai1 pai1
to boast and flatter

吹牛拍马 吹牛拍馬 chui1 niu2 pai1 ma3
to resort to bragging and flattering

吹拍 吹拍 chui1 pai1
to resort to bragging and flattering; abbr. for 吹牛拍馬|吹牛拍马

打拍 打拍 da3 pai1
to beat time; to mark rhythm on drum or clapper boards

打拍子 打拍子 da3 pai1 zi5
to beat time

电蚊拍 電蚊拍 dian4 wen2 pai1
electric mosquito swatter

二刻拍案惊奇 二刻拍案驚奇 er4 ke4 pai1 an4 jing1 qi2
Slapping the Table in Amazement (Part II), second of two books of vernacular stories by Ming dynasty novelist Ling Mengchu 凌濛初|凌蒙初

翻拍 翻拍 fan1 pai1
to reproduce photographically; to duplicate; to adapt (as a movie); to remake (a movie); adaptation; reproduction; remake

跟拍 跟拍 gen1 pai1
to document on film the course of events; to follow sb with a camera

航拍 航拍 hang2 pai1
aerial photography (video or still)

荷兰式拍卖 荷蘭式拍賣 he2 lan2 shi4 pai1 mai4
Dutch auction; descending-price auction

合拍 合拍 he2 pai1
in time with (i.e. same rhythm); to keep in step with; fig. to cooperate

急拍拍 急拍拍 ji2 pai1 pai1
hurried; impatient; rushed

节拍 節拍 jie2 pai1
beat (music); meter

节拍器 節拍器 jie2 pai1 qi4

开拍 開拍 kai1 pai1
to begin shooting (a movie, a scene of a movie etc); to start the bidding (auction); to start a trading session (stock market)

空拍 空拍 kong1 pai1
aerial photography (video or still) (Tw)

空拍机 空拍機 kong1 pai1 ji1
drone equipped for aerial photography

溜须拍马 溜鬚拍馬 liu1 xu1 pai1 ma3
to smooth whiskers and pat a horse's bottom (idiom); to use flatter to get what one wants; to toady; boot-licking

拍岸 拍岸 pai1 an4
to beat against the shore (of waves)

拍案 拍案 pai1 an4
lit. to slap the table (in amazement, praise, anger, resentment etc); fig. astonishing!, wonderful!, dreadful! etc

拍案而起 拍案而起 pai1 an4 er2 qi3
lit. to slap the table and stand up (idiom); fig. at the end of one's tether; unable to take it any more

拍案叫绝 拍案叫絕 pai1 an4 jiao4 jue2
lit. slap the table and shout with praise (idiom); fig. wonderful!; amazing!; great!

拍案惊奇 拍案驚奇 pai1 an4 jing1 qi2
to slap the table in amazement (idiom); wonderful!; amazing!

拍板 拍板 pai1 ban3
clapper-board; auctioneer's hammer; to beat time with clappers

拍出 拍出 pai1 chu1
to sell at auction; to reach a given price at auction

拍打 拍打 pai1 da5
to pat; to slap; (of a bird) to flap (one's wings)

拍档 拍檔 pai1 dang4

拍电 拍電 pai1 dian4
to send a telegram

拍电影 拍電影 pai1 dian4 ying3
to make a movie

拍发 拍發 pai1 fa1
to send; to cable (a telegram)

拍号 拍號 pai1 hao4
time signature (music)

拍击 拍擊 pai1 ji1
to smack; to beat

拍客 拍客 pai1 ke4
citizen journalist (typically posting short, self-produced documentary videos on the Web)

拍立得 拍立得 pai1 li4 de2
Polaroid (Tw)

拍马 拍馬 pai1 ma3
to urge on a horse by patting its bottom; fig. to encourage; same as 拍馬屁|拍马屁, to flatter or toady

拍马屁 拍馬屁 pai1 ma3 pi4
to flatter; to fawn on; to butter sb up; toadying; boot-licking

拍马者 拍馬者 pai1 ma3 zhe3
flatterer; toady

拍卖 拍賣 pai1 mai4
to auction; auction sale; to sell at a reduced price

拍卖会 拍賣會 pai1 mai4 hui4

拍卖商 拍賣商 pai1 mai4 shang1
auctioneer; auction house

拍拍屁股走人 拍拍屁股走人 pai1 pai1 pi4 gu5 zou3 ren2
to make oneself scarce; to slip away; to take a French leave

拍片 拍片 pai1 pian4
to film; to make a film

拍婆子 拍婆子 pai1 po2 zi5
to chase girls; to hang around with girls

拍摄 拍攝 pai1 she4
to film; to shoot (a picture)

拍手 拍手 pai1 shou3
to clap one's hands

拍拖 拍拖 pai1 tuo1
(dialect) to date sb

拍戏 拍戲 pai1 xi4
to shoot a movie

拍胸脯 拍胸脯 pai1 xiong1 pu2
to vouch for

拍演 拍演 pai1 yan3
(dialect) to perform; to act (in a play etc)

拍照 拍照 pai1 zhao4
to take a picture

拍纸簿 拍紙簿 pai1 zhi3 bu4
writing pad

拍砖 拍磚 pai1 zhuan1
(slang) to throw brickbats; to criticize harshly

拍子 拍子 pai1 zi5
beat (music); paddle-shaped object (flyswatter etc); racket (sports)

乒乓球拍 乒乓球拍 ping1 pang1 qiu2 pai1
ping-pong paddle

球拍 球拍 qiu2 pai1

实拍 實拍 shi2 pai1
candid photograph; genuine photograph (not set up or doctored)

偷拍 偷拍 tou1 pai1
to take a picture of a person without permission or without their knowledge

投拍 投拍 tou2 pai1
to start shooting (a film); to invest in (a movie); to put (sth) up for auction

一个巴掌拍不响 一個巴掌拍不響 yi1 ge5 ba1 zhang3 pai1 bu4 xiang3
lit. one palm alone cannot clap (proverb); fig. it takes two persons to start a dispute; it takes two to tango; it's difficult to achieve anything without support

一拍即合 一拍即合 yi1 pai1 ji2 he2
lit. to be together from the first beat (idiom); to hit it off; to click together; to chime in easily

一拍两散 一拍兩散 yi1 pai1 liang3 san4
(of marriage or business partners) to break up (idiom); to separate

抓拍 抓拍 zhua1 pai1
to capture (an image); to snap (a photo)

自拍 自拍 zi4 pai1
to take a picture or video of oneself

自拍杆 自拍桿 zi4 pai1 gan3
selfie stick; also written 自拍杆

自拍模式 自拍模式 zi4 pai1 mo2 shi4
camera self-timer mode (for delayed shutter release)

自拍器 自拍器 zi4 pai1 qi4
camera self-timer (for delayed shutter release)

自拍神器 自拍神器 zi4 pai1 shen2 qi4
selfie stick

自拍照 自拍照 zi4 pai1 zhao4