variant of 拗

to bend in two so as to break; to defy; to disobey; also pr.

stubborn; obstinate

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
拗断 拗斷 ao4 duan4
to break by twisting

拗口 拗口 ao4 kou3
hard to pronounce; awkward-sounding

拗口令 拗口令 ao4 kou3 ling4
tongue twister

拗陷 拗陷 ao4 xian4
geological depression

拗不过 拗不過 niu4 bu5 guo4
can't persuade; unable to make (sb) change their mind; unable to resist (sb)

三拗汤 三拗湯 san1 ao4 tang1
san'ao decoction (TCM)

违拗 違拗 wei2 ao4
to disobey; to defy; deliberately going against (rule, convention, sb's wishes etc)

执拗 執拗 zhi2 niu4
stubborn; willful; pigheaded; Taiwan pr.