awkward; clumsy; dull; inelegant; (polite) my; Taiwan pr.

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
笨口拙舌 笨口拙舌 ben4 kou3 zhuo1 she2
awkward in speech

笨拙 笨拙 ben4 zhuo1
clumsy; awkward; stupid

笨嘴拙腮 笨嘴拙腮 ben4 zui3 zhuo1 sai1
see 笨嘴拙舌

笨嘴拙舌 笨嘴拙舌 ben4 zui3 zhuo1 she2
clumsy in speech; poor speaker

藏拙 藏拙 cang2 zhuo2
avoiding doing something that one is clumsy at to save face

蹇拙 蹇拙 jian3 zhuo1
clumsy (writing); awkward; obscure

老拙 老拙 lao3 zhuo1
old fart (usually in self-reference); geezer

弄巧成拙 弄巧成拙 nong4 qiao3 cheng2 zhuo1
to overreach oneself; to try to be clever and end up with egg on one's face

弄巧反拙 弄巧反拙 nong4 qiao3 fan3 zhuo1
see 弄巧成拙

巧诈不如拙诚 巧詐不如拙誠 qiao3 zha4 bu4 ru2 zhuo1 cheng2
the unvarnished truth is better than a cunning ruse (idiom); honesty is the best policy

守拙 守拙 shou3 zhuo1
to remain honest and poor

心拙口夯 心拙口夯 xin1 zhuo1 kou3 ben4
variant of 心拙口笨

心拙口笨 心拙口笨 xin1 zhuo1 kou3 ben4
dull-witted and tongue-tied

迂拙 迂拙 yu1 zhuo1
stupid; impractical

愚拙 愚拙 yu2 zhuo1
clumsy and stupid

稚拙 稚拙 zhi4 zhuo1
young and clumsy; childish and awkward

拙笨 拙笨 zhuo1 ben4
clumsy; awkward; lacking skill

拙笔 拙筆 zhuo1 bi3
my clumsy writing (humble expr.); my humble pen

拙稿 拙稿 zhuo1 gao3
my unworthy manuscript (humble expr.); my humble writing

拙见 拙見 zhuo1 jian4
my unworthy opinion (humble expr.)

拙荆 拙荊 zhuo1 jing1
my wife (humble)

拙劣 拙劣 zhuo1 lie4
clumsy; botched

拙朴 拙樸 zhuo1 pu3
austere; humble

拙涩 拙澀 zhuo1 se4
clumsy and incomprehensible; botched writing

拙于言词 拙於言詞 zhuo1 yu2 yan2 ci2
to be unable to express oneself clearly (idiom)

拙政园 拙政園 zhuo1 zheng4 yuan2
The Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou, Jiangsu

拙直 拙直 zhuo1 zhi2
simple and frank

拙著 拙著 zhuo1 zhu4
my unworthy writing (humble expr.); my worthless manuscript

拙嘴笨舌 拙嘴笨舌 zhuo1 zui3 ben4 she2
lit. clumsy mouth and broken tongue (idiom); awkward speaker

拙作 拙作 zhuo1 zuo4
my unworthy manuscript (humble expr.); my humble writing