to disregard; to reject

variant of 拼

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
拚财 拚財 pan4 cai2
to make rash speculations

拚除 拚除 pan4 chu2
to reject; to abandon

拚命 拚命 pan4 ming4
see 拼命

拚弃 拚棄 pan4 qi4
to abandon; to discard; to throw away

拚去 拚去 pan4 qu4
to reject; to abandon

拚死 拚死 pan4 si3
to risk one's life

拚贴 拚貼 pin1 tie1
pastiche; collage; also written 拼貼|拼贴

首字母拚音词 首字母拚音詞 shou3 zi4 mu3 pin1 yin1 ci2

新式拚法 新式拚法 xin1 shi4 pin1 fa3
new spelling (linguistics)