to recruit; to provoke; to beckon; to incur; to infect; contagious; a move (chess); a maneuver; device; trick; to confess

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
不打自招 不打自招 bu4 da3 zi4 zhao1
to confess without being pressed; to make a confession without duress

出招 出招 chu1 zhao1
to make a move (in martial arts or figuratively)

从实招来 從實招來 cong2 shi2 zhao1 lai2
to own up to the facts

打招呼 打招呼 da3 zhao1 hu5
to greet sb by word or action; to give prior notice

点头招呼 點頭招呼 dian3 tou2 zhao1 hu1

高招 高招 gao1 zhao1
wise move; masterstroke; bright ideas

过招 過招 guo4 zhao1
to fight; to exchange blows

花招 花招 hua1 zhao1
trick; maneuver; razzle-dazzle; (martial arts) fancy move; flourish

花枝招展 花枝招展 hua1 zhi1 zhao1 zhan3
lit. lovely scene of blossoming plants swaying in the breeze (idiom); fig. gorgeously dressed (woman)

记者招待会 記者招待會 ji4 zhe3 zhao1 dai4 hui4
press conference

假招子 假招子 jia3 zhao1 zi5
to put on airs; to adopt a false attitude

见招拆招 見招拆招 jian1 zhao1 chai1 zhao1
to counter every move; to be full of tricks

绝招 絕招 jue2 zhao1
unique skill; unexpected tricky move (as a last resort); masterstroke; finishing blow

满招损,谦受益 滿招損,謙受益 man3 zhao1 sun3 - qian1 shou4 yi4
(idiom) complacency leads to loss, modesty brings profit; pride comes before a fall

目挑心招 目挑心招 mu4 tiao3 xin1 zhao1
the eye incites, the heart invites (idiom); flirtatious; making eyes at sb

普通高等学校招生全国统一考试 普通高等學校招生全國統一考試 pu3 tong1 gao1 deng3 xue2 xiao4 zhao1 sheng1 quan2 guo2 tong3 yi1 kao3 shi4
NCEE, National College Entrance Examination (college entrance exam in PRC); usually abbr. to 高考

屈打成招 屈打成招 qu1 da3 cheng2 zhao1
to obtain confessions under torture

失物招领 失物招領 shi1 wu4 zhao1 ling3

首次公开招股 首次公開招股 shou3 ci4 gong1 kai1 zhao1 gu3
initial public offering (IPO)

树大招风 樹大招風 shu4 da4 zhao1 feng1
lit. a tall tree attracts the wind (idiom); fig. a famous or rich person attracts criticism

耍花招 耍花招 shua3 hua1 zhao1
to play tricks on sb

唐招提寺 唐招提寺 tang2 zhao1 ti2 si4
Toushoudaiji, the temple in Nara, Japan founded by Tang dynastic Buddhist monk Jianzhen or Ganjin 鑒真和尚|鉴真和尚 and his last resting place

统一招生 統一招生 tong3 yi1 zhao1 sheng1
national unified entrance exam

玩儿花招 玩兒花招 wan2 er5 hua1 zhao1
to play tricks

玩花招 玩花招 wan2 hua1 zhao1
to play tricks

延聘招揽 延聘招攬 yan2 pin4 zhao1 lan3
to enlist the services of sb

夜招待酒会 夜招待酒會 ye4 zhao1 dai4 jiu3 hui4
evening cocktail reception

迎风招展 迎風招展 ying2 feng1 zhao1 zhan3
to flutter in the wind (idiom)

招安 招安 zhao1 an1
to enlist enemy or rebel soldiers by offering amnesty

招标 招標 zhao1 biao1
to invite bids

招兵 招兵 zhao1 bing1
to recruit soldiers

招兵买马 招兵買馬 zhao1 bing1 mai3 ma3
to recruit soldiers and buy horses (idiom); to raise a large army; fig. to expand business; to recruit new staff

招财 招財 zhao1 cai2
lit. inviting wealth; We wish you success and riches (cf idiom 招財進寶|招财进宝)

招财进宝 招財進寶 zhao1 cai2 jin4 bao3
ushering in wealth and prosperity (idiom and traditional greeting, esp. at New Year); We wish you wealth and success!

招财猫 招財貓 zhao1 cai2 mao1
maneki-neko or "lucky cat", Japanese figurine cat usually found at the entrance of shops, restaurants etc, believed to bring good fortune

招潮蟹 招潮蟹 zhao1 chao2 xie4
fiddler crab (genus Uca)

招待 招待 zhao1 dai4
to receive (guests); to entertain; reception

招待会 招待會 zhao1 dai4 hui4

招待所 招待所 zhao1 dai4 suo3
guest house; small hotel

招待员 招待員 zhao1 dai4 yuan2
usher; greeter

招法 招法 zhao1 fa3
move; method of use; trick for success

招风 招風 zhao1 feng1
lit. to invite the wind; fig. conspicuous and inviting criticism

招风耳 招風耳 zhao1 feng1 er3
jug ears; jug-eared

招风揽火 招風攬火 zhao1 feng1 lan3 huo3
see 招風惹草|招风惹草

招风惹草 招風惹草 zhao1 feng1 re3 cao3
to stir up trouble (idiom); to sow discord

招风惹雨 招風惹雨 zhao1 feng1 re3 yu3
see 招風惹草|招风惹草

招蜂引蝶 招蜂引蝶 zhao1 feng1 yin3 die2
(of a flower) to attract bees and butterflies; (fig.) to attract the opposite sex; to flirt

招抚 招撫 zhao1 fu3
to enlist enemy or rebel soldiers by offering amnesty; to bring to negotiated surrender

招供 招供 zhao1 gong4
to confess

招股 招股 zhao1 gu3
share offer

招股书 招股書 zhao1 gu3 shu1
prospectus (setting out share offer); offering circular

招股说明书 招股說明書 zhao1 gu3 shuo1 ming2 shu1

招呼 招呼 zhao1 hu5
to call out to; to greet; to say hello to; to inform; to take care of; to take care that one does not

招呼站 招呼站 zhao1 hu5 zhan4
request bus stop

招唤 招喚 zhao1 huan4
to call; to summon

招集 招集 zhao1 ji2
to recruit; to gather together (volunteers)

招架 招架 zhao1 jia4
to resist; to ward off; to hold one's own; to receive guests

招接 招接 zhao1 jie1
to receive (guests, clients); to interact socially with

招考 招考 zhao1 kao3
to advertise an entrance examination for an academic institution (old)

招徕 招徠 zhao1 lai2
to canvass (for customers); to solicit; to recruit

招来 招來 zhao1 lai2
to attract; to incur

招揽 招攬 zhao1 lan3
to attract (customers); to drum up (trade)

招揽生意 招攬生意 zhao1 lan3 sheng1 yi5
to advertise; to solicit business

招领 招領 zhao1 ling3
to advertise for the owner of lost property

招募 招募 zhao1 mu4
to recruit; to enlist

招牌菜 招牌菜 zhao1 pai2 cai4
signature dish; a restaurant’s most famous dish

招牌动作 招牌動作 zhao1 pai2 dong4 zuo4
signature move

招牌纸 招牌紙 zhao1 pai2 zhi3
label; sticker

招牌 招牌 zhao1 pai5
signboard; shop sign; reputation of a business

招聘 招聘 zhao1 pin4
to invite applications for a job; to recruit

招聘会 招聘會 zhao1 pin4 hui4
recruitment meeting; job fair

招聘机构 招聘機構 zhao1 pin4 ji1 gou4
recruiting agency

招聘协调人 招聘協調人 zhao1 pin4 xie2 tiao2 ren2
recruiting coordinator

招聘者 招聘者 zhao1 pin4 zhe3
prospective employer; person advertising a job; recruiter

招亲 招親 zhao1 qin1
to invite the groom (who will live with the bride's family); to take a wife by one's own choice

招请 招請 zhao1 qing3
to recruit; to take on (an employee)

招惹 招惹 zhao1 re3
to provoke; to tease

招人 招人 zhao1 ren2
to be infectious; to recruit

招人喜欢 招人喜歡 zhao1 ren2 xi3 huan5
charming; attractive; delightful

招认 招認 zhao1 ren4
to confess

招商 招商 zhao1 shang1
to seek investment or funding; investment promotion

招商引资 招商引資 zhao1 shang1 yin3 zi1
investment promotion

招生 招生 zhao1 sheng1
to enroll new students; to get students

招式 招式 zhao1 shi4
style; manner

招收 招收 zhao1 shou1
to hire; to recruit

招手 招手 zhao1 shou3
to wave; to beckon

招数 招數 zhao1 shu4
move (in chess, on stage, in martial arts); gambit; trick; scheme; movement; same as 著數|着数

招贴 招貼 zhao1 tie1
poster; placard; bill

招贴画 招貼畫 zhao1 tie1 hua4
picture poster (for advertising or propaganda)

招投标 招投標 zhao1 tou2 biao1
bid inviting and bid offering; bidding; auction

招贤纳士 招賢納士 zhao1 xian2 na4 shi4
invite the talented and call the valorous (idiom); to recruit talent

招降纳叛 招降納叛 zhao1 xiang2 na4 pan4
to recruit surrendered enemy and deserters (idiom); to gather together a gang of villains

招摇 招搖 zhao1 yao2
to act ostentatiously; to brag; to show off

招摇过市 招搖過市 zhao1 yao2 guo4 shi4
to parade oneself ostentatiously about town (idiom)

招引 招引 zhao1 yin3
to attract

招诱 招誘 zhao1 you4
to invite; to recruit; to attract; to entice

招远 招遠 zhao1 yuan3
Zhaoyuan county level city in Yantai 煙台|烟台, Shandong

招远市 招遠市 zhao1 yuan3 shi4
Zhaoyuan county level city in Yantai 煙台|烟台, Shandong

招怨 招怨 zhao1 yuan4
to arouse animosity

招灾惹祸 招災惹禍 zhao1 zai1 re3 huo4
to invite disaster

招展 招展 zhao1 zhan3
to flutter; to sway

招致 招致 zhao1 zhi4
to recruit (followers); to scout for (talent etc); to incur; to lead to

招租 招租 zhao1 zu1
(of a house or room) to be for rent

支招 支招 zhi1 zhao1
to give advice; to make a suggestion; to help out

中招 中招 zhong1 zhao1
senior high school enrollment

中招 中招 zhong4 zhao1
to get infected; to fall into sb's trap