to pay respect; worship; visit; salute

strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
阿塞拜疆 阿塞拜疆 a1 sai4 bai4 jiang1
Azerbaijan, former Soviet Republic and region of northwest Iran in Caucasus

阿塞拜疆人 阿塞拜疆人 a1 sai4 bai4 jiang1 ren2
Azerbaijan (person)

八拜之交 八拜之交 ba1 bai4 zhi1 jiao1
sworn brotherhood; intimate friendship

拜拜 拜拜 bai2 bai2
(loanword) bye-bye; also pr. etc; (coll.) to part ways (with sb); (fig.) to have nothing further to do (with sb or sth)

拜把子 拜把子 bai4 ba3 zi5
become sworn brothers

拜拜 拜拜 bai4 bai5
to pay one's respects by bowing with hands in front of one's chest clasping joss sticks, or with palms pressed together; (Taiwan) religious ceremony in which offerings are made to a deity

拜别 拜別 bai4 bie2
to take leave

拜城 拜城 bai4 cheng2
Bay nahiyisi (Baicheng county) in Aksu 阿克蘇地區|阿克苏地区, west Xinjiang

拜城县 拜城縣 bai4 cheng2 xian4
Bay nahiyisi (Baicheng county) in Aksu 阿克蘇地區|阿克苏地区, west Xinjiang

拜倒 拜倒 bai4 dao3
to prostrate oneself; to fall on one's knees; to grovel

拜登 拜登 bai4 deng1
Baden or Biden (name); Joe Biden (1942-), US democrat politician, senator for Delaware from 1972, several times chair of Senate foreign relations committee, vice-president of USA from 2009

拜读 拜讀 bai4 du2
(polite) to read (sth)

拜访 拜訪 bai4 fang3
to pay a visit; to call on

拜佛 拜佛 bai4 fo2
to worship Buddha

拜会 拜會 bai4 hui4
pay an official call; call on; visit in an official capacity

拜火教 拜火教 bai4 huo3 jiao4
sun worship; Zoroastrianism; see also 祆教

拜祭 拜祭 bai4 ji4
to worship; to observe religious rites; to pay one's respects (to one's ancestors etc)

拜见 拜見 bai4 jian4
to pay a formal visit; to call to pay respects; to meet one's senior or superior

拜节 拜節 bai4 jie2
to pay respects during a festival

拜金 拜金 bai4 jin1
to worship money; to be mad about money

拜金女 拜金女 bai4 jin1 nv3
materialistic woman; (slang) gold-digger

拜金主义 拜金主義 bai4 jin1 zhu3 yi4
money worship

拜科努尔 拜科努爾 bai4 ke1 nu3 er3
Baikonur (Russian space launch site in Kazakhstan)

拜科努尔航天发射基地 拜科努爾航天發射基地 bai4 ke1 nu3 er3 hang2 tian1 fa1 she4 ji1 di4
Baikonur Cosmodrome

拜伦 拜倫 bai4 lun2
George Byron (1788-1824), English poet

拜年 拜年 bai4 nian2
to pay a New Year call; to wish sb a Happy New Year

拜票 拜票 bai4 piao4
to canvass for votes (Tw)

拜泉 拜泉 bai4 quan2
Baiquan county in Qiqihar 齊齊哈爾|齐齐哈尔, Heilongjiang

拜泉县 拜泉縣 bai4 quan2 xian4
Baiquan county in Qiqihar 齊齊哈爾|齐齐哈尔, Heilongjiang

拜人为师 拜人為師 bai4 ren2 wei2 shi1
to acknowledge as one's teacher

拜认 拜認 bai4 ren4
to formally accept sb as (one's adoptive mother, one's master etc)

拜师 拜師 bai4 shi1
to formally become an apprentice to a master

拜寿 拜壽 bai4 shou4
congratulate an elderly person on his birthday; offer birthday felicitations

拜堂 拜堂 bai4 tang2
ritual kneeling to heaven and earth by bride and groom in a old-fashioned wedding ceremony; same as 拜天地

拜天地 拜天地 bai4 tian1 di4
to worship heaven and earth; ritual kneeling by bride and groom in a old-fashioned wedding ceremony; also called 拜堂

拜托 拜託 bai4 tuo1
to request sb to do sth; please!

拜望 拜望 bai4 wang4
to call to pay one's respect; to call on

拜物教 拜物教 bai4 wu4 jiao4

拜谒 拜謁 bai4 ye4
to pay a formal visit; to call to pay respects; to pay homage (at a monument, mausoleum etc)

拜占庭 拜占庭 bai4 zhan4 ting2
Byzantium; Byzantine or Eastern Roman empire (395-1453)

参拜 參拜 can1 bai4
to formally call on; to worship (a God); to pay homage to sb

厂礼拜 廠禮拜 chang3 li3 bai4
day off (work)

朝拜 朝拜 chao2 bai4
to worship; to make customary deferences to; a pilgrimage

朝拜圣山 朝拜聖山 chao2 bai4 sheng4 shan1
a pilgrimage to a holy mountain

崇拜 崇拜 chong2 bai4
to worship; adoration

崇拜仪式 崇拜儀式 chong2 bai4 yi2 shi4
worship service

崇拜者 崇拜者 chong2 bai4 zhe3

答拜 答拜 da2 bai4
to return a visit

迪拜 迪拜 di2 bai4
Dubai (also 杜拜)

顶拜 頂拜 ding3 bai4
to prostrate oneself; to kneel and bow the head (in submission, supplication, worship etc)

顶礼膜拜 頂禮膜拜 ding3 li3 mo2 bai4
to prostrate oneself in worship (idiom); (fig.) to worship; to bow down to

杜拜 杜拜 du4 bai4
Dubai; (also 迪拜)

福楼拜 福樓拜 fu2 lou2 bai4
Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880), French realist novelist, author of Madame Bovary

甘拜下风 甘拜下風 gan1 bai4 xia4 feng1
to step down gracefully (humble expression); to concede defeat; to play second fiddle

个人崇拜 個人崇拜 ge4 ren2 chong2 bai4
personality cult

跪拜 跪拜 gui4 bai4
to kowtow; to kneel and worship

黄鼠狼给鸡拜年 黃鼠狼給雞拜年 huang2 shu3 lang2 gei3 ji1 bai4 nian2
Beware of suspicious folk bearing gifts, they are sure to be ill-intentioned. (idiom)

黄鼠狼给鸡拜年,没安好心 黃鼠狼給雞拜年,沒安好心 huang2 shu3 lang2 gei3 ji1 bai4 nian2 - mei2 an1 hao3 xin1
see 黃鼠狼給雞拜年|黄鼠狼给鸡拜年

回拜 回拜 hui2 bai4
to pay a return visit

祭拜 祭拜 ji4 bai4
to offer sacrifice (to one's ancestors)

交拜 交拜 jiao1 bai4
to bow to one another; to kneel and kowtow to one another; formal kowtow as part of traditional wedding ceremony

结拜 結拜 jie2 bai4
to become sworn brothers or sisters; sworn (brothers)

敬拜 敬拜 jing4 bai4
to worship

康拜因 康拜因 kang1 bai4 yin1
combine (loanword); harvester

叩拜 叩拜 kou4 bai4
to bow in salute; to kowtow

礼拜 禮拜 li3 bai4
week; religious service; worship

礼拜二 禮拜二 li3 bai4 er4

礼拜六 禮拜六 li3 bai4 liu4

礼拜日 禮拜日 li3 bai4 ri4

礼拜三 禮拜三 li3 bai4 san1

礼拜四 禮拜四 li3 bai4 si4

礼拜堂 禮拜堂 li3 bai4 tang2
chapel; church (Protestant)

礼拜天 禮拜天 li3 bai4 tian1

礼拜五 禮拜五 li3 bai4 wu3

礼拜一 禮拜一 li3 bai4 yi1

礼拜仪式 禮拜儀式 li3 bai4 yi2 shi4

罗拜 羅拜 luo2 bai4
to line up to pay homage

膜拜 膜拜 mo2 bai4
to kneel and bow with joined hands at forehead level; to worship

摩拜单车 摩拜單車 mo2 bai4 dan1 che1
Mobike, operator of an app-driven bicycle-rental business in China, established in 2015

烧香拜佛 燒香拜佛 shao1 xiang1 bai4 fo2
to burn incense and worship Buddha

乌拜迪 烏拜迪 wu1 bai4 di2
Ubaydi (town in Iraq)

下拜 下拜 xia4 bai4
to bow down low; to make obeisance; to kneel and bow

亚塞拜然 亞塞拜然 ya4 se4 bai4 ran2
Azerbaijan (Tw)

再拜 再拜 zai4 bai4
to bow again; formal obeisance or kowtow

瞻拜 瞻拜 zhan1 bai4
to worship; to gaze with reverence

做礼拜 做禮拜 zuo4 li3 bai4
to go to church on Sunday (of Christians)