to cup one's hands in salute; to surround; to arch; to dig earth with the snout; arched

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
半拱 半拱 ban4 gong3
semiarch; half arch

打拱 打拱 da3 gong3
to bow with clasped hands

打拱作揖 打拱作揖 da3 gong3 zuo4 yi1
to bow respectfully with clasped hands; to beg humbly

斗拱 斗拱 dou3 gong3
interlocking wooden brackets between the top of a column and crossbeams used in traditional Chinese architecture

枓拱 枓拱 dou3 gong3
variant of 斗拱

拱手相让 拱手相讓 gong1 shou3 xiang1 rang4
to bow and give way (idiom); to surrender sth readily

拱坝 拱壩 gong3 ba4
an arch dam

拱抱 拱抱 gong3 bao4
to enfold; to encircle

拱璧 拱璧 gong3 bi4
a flat round jade ornament with a hole at the center; fig. a treasure

拱道 拱道 gong3 dao4

拱顶 拱頂 gong3 ding3
an arched roof; a dome; a vault

拱度 拱度 gong3 du4
arched; convex curve surface; camber (slightly arched road surface)

拱墩 拱墩 gong3 dun1
pillar of a vault

拱肩 拱肩 gong3 jian1
a spandrel (wall filling the shoulder between two neighboring arches)

拱廊 拱廊 gong3 lang2
triforium (gallery of arches above side-aisle vaulting in the nave of a church)

拱门 拱門 gong3 men2
arched door

拱桥 拱橋 gong3 qiao2
arch bridge

拱手 拱手 gong3 shou3
to cup one's hands in obeisance or greeting; fig. submissive

拱手旁观 拱手旁觀 gong3 shou3 pang2 guan1
to watch from the sidelines and do nothing (idiom)

拱墅 拱墅 gong3 shu4
Gongshu district of Hangzhou city 杭州市, Zhejiang

拱墅区 拱墅區 gong3 shu4 qu1
Gongshu district of Hangzhou city 杭州市, Zhejiang

拱卫 拱衛 gong3 wei4
to surround and protect

拱形 拱形 gong3 xing2

拱柱 拱柱 gong3 zhu4
pillar of a vault

拱状 拱狀 gong3 zhuang4
arch; vault; arched

假拱 假拱 jia3 gong3
blind arch; false arch

双曲拱桥 雙曲拱橋 shuang1 qu1 gong3 qiao2
double arched bridge

圆拱 圓拱 yuan2 gong3
a round vault

众星拱辰 眾星拱辰 zhong4 xing1 gong3 chen2
lit. all the stars revolve around Polaris 北辰 (idiom, from Analects); fig. to view sb as core figure; to group around a revered leader

众星拱月 眾星拱月 zhong4 xing1 gong3 yue4
see 眾星捧月|众星捧月

猪拱菌 豬拱菌 zhu1 gong3 jun1
Chinese truffle