to piece together; to join together; to stake all; adventurous; at the risk of one's life; to spell

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
比拼 比拼 bi3 pin1
to compete fiercely; contest

打拼 打拼 da3 pin1
to work hard; to try to make a living

汉语拼音 漢語拼音 han4 yu3 pin1 yin1
Hanyu Pinyin, the pinyin transliteration system used in PRC since the 1960s

拼版 拼版 pin1 ban3
to typeset; to make up (printers' plates)

拼板 拼板 pin1 ban3
to edge-join boards with glue to form a panel (woodworking)

拼板玩具 拼板玩具 pin1 ban3 wan2 ju4
jigsaw puzzle; wood block puzzle

拼板游戏 拼板遊戲 pin1 ban3 you2 xi4
jigsaw puzzle; wood block puzzle

拼搏 拼搏 pin1 bo2
to struggle; to wrestle

拼餐 拼餐 pin1 can1
(of people with tight budget) to enjoy various dishes at the restaurant by ordering the food together and then sharing the costs

拼车 拼車 pin1 che1
to carpool

拼成 拼成 pin1 cheng2
to put sth together from component parts

拼刺 拼刺 pin1 ci4
bayonet charge

拼刺刀 拼刺刀 pin1 ci4 dao1
bayonet charge

拼凑 拼湊 pin1 cou4
to assemble; to put together

拼攒 拼攢 pin1 cuan2
to assemble

拼错 拼錯 pin1 cuo4
to misspell; to piece together incorrectly

拼到底 拼到底 pin1 dao4 di3
to brave it out; to the bitter end

拼爹 拼爹 pin1 die1
(slang) to rely on one's father's wealth or prestige to get ahead

拼斗 拼鬥 pin1 dou4
to engage (in a fight)

拼读 拼讀 pin1 du2
phonetic reading; combine sounds into words

拼法 拼法 pin1 fa3
spelling; orthography

拼房 拼房 pin1 fang2
to rent a place with sb else to share the costs

拼合 拼合 pin1 he2
to fit together; to put together

拼花地板 拼花地板 pin1 hua1 di4 ban3
floor with tiled design

拼火 拼火 pin1 huo3
to exchange fire

拼接 拼接 pin1 jie1
to put together; to join

拼力 拼力 pin1 li4
to spare no efforts

拼拢 拼攏 pin1 long3
to put together

拼命 拼命 pin1 ming4
to do one's utmost; with all one's might; at all costs; (to work or fight) as if one's life depends on it

拼命三郎 拼命三郎 pin1 ming4 san1 lang2
brave man, willing to risk his life

拼命讨好 拼命討好 pin1 ming4 tao3 hao3
to throw oneself at sb or sth; to bend over backwards to help

拼盘 拼盤 pin1 pan2
sampler platter; appetizer platter

拼起来 拼起來 pin1 qi5 lai5
to put together

拼抢 拼搶 pin1 qiang3
to fight desperately (at the risk of one's life)

拼杀 拼殺 pin1 sha1
to grapple (with the enemy); to fight at the risk of one's life

拼死 拼死 pin1 si3
to go all out for sth at risk of one's life

拼死拼活 拼死拼活 pin1 si3 pin1 huo2
one's utmost; (to fight or work) desperately hard; to put up a life or death struggle; at all costs

拼贴 拼貼 pin1 tie1
pastiche; collage

拼图 拼圖 pin1 tu2
jigsaw puzzle

拼图玩具 拼圖玩具 pin1 tu2 wan2 ju4
jigsaw puzzle

拼写 拼寫 pin1 xie3
to spell; to transliterate

拼写错误 拼寫錯誤 pin1 xie3 cuo4 wu4
spelling mistake; written error

拼音 拼音 pin1 yin1
phonetic writing; pinyin (Chinese romanization)

拼音阶段 拼音階段 pin1 yin1 jie1 duan4
alphabetic stage

拼音文字 拼音文字 pin1 yin1 wen2 zi4
phonetic alphabet; alphabetic writing system

拼音字母 拼音字母 pin1 yin1 zi4 mu3
phonetic letters

拼争 拼爭 pin1 zheng1
to fight desperately

拼装 拼裝 pin1 zhuang1
to assemble

拼缀 拼綴 pin1 zhui4
to join together

拼桌 拼桌 pin1 zhuo1
to sit at a table with others with whom one is unacquainted

拼字 拼字 pin1 zi4

七拼八凑 七拼八湊 qi1 pin1 ba1 cou4
assembled at random; a motley collection

双拼 雙拼 shuang1 pin1
double pinyin

通用拼音 通用拼音 tong1 yong4 pin1 yin1
the common use romanization system introduced in Taiwan in 2003

威玛拼法 威瑪拼法 wei1 ma3 pin1 fa3
Wade-Giles system (romanization of Chinese)

威玛拼音 威瑪拼音 wei1 ma3 pin1 yin1
Wade-Giles system (romanization of Chinese)

威妥玛拼法 威妥瑪拼法 wei1 tuo3 ma3 pin1 fa3
Wade-Giles system (romanization of Chinese)

威妥玛拼音 威妥瑪拼音 wei1 tuo3 ma3 pin1 yin1
Wade-Giles system (romanization of Chinese)

韦氏拼法 韋氏拼法 wei2 shi4 pin1 fa3
Wade-Giles system (romanization of Chinese)

瞎拼 瞎拼 xia1 pin1
shopping as a fun pastime (loanword) (Tw)

血拼 血拼 xue4 pin1
shopping as a fun pastime (loanword)

粤拼 粵拼 yue4 pin1
Jyutping, one of the many Cantonese romanization systems; abbr. of 粵語拼音|粤语拼音

粤语拼音 粵語拼音 yue4 yu3 pin1 yin1
Cantonese romanization; Jyutping, one of the many Cantonese romanization systems