to press; to push; to leave aside or shelve; to control; to restrain; to keep one's hand on; to check or refer to; according to; in the light of; (of an editor or author) to make a comment

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
按兵不动 按兵不動 an4 bing1 bu4 dong4
to hold back one's troops without moving (idiom); to bide one's time

按部就班 按部就班 an4 bu4 jiu4 ban1
to follow the prescribed order; to keep to the working routine (idiom)

按步就班 按步就班 an4 bu4 jiu4 ban1
follow the prescribed order; keep to conventional ways

按察 按察 an4 cha2
to investigate (old)

按规定 按規定 an4 gui1 ding4
according to regulation

按季 按季 an4 ji4
according to season; quarterly

按键 按鍵 an4 jian4
button or key (on a device); keystroke; to press a button

按键音 按鍵音 an4 jian4 yin1
keypad tone; key tone

按揭 按揭 an4 jie1
a mortgage; to buy property on a mortgage

按劳分配 按勞分配 an4 lao2 fen1 pei4
distribution according to work

按理 按理 an4 li3
according to reason; in the ordinary course of events; normally

按理说 按理說 an4 li3 shuo1
it is reasonable to say that...

按立 按立 an4 li4

按立宪治国 按立憲治國 an4 li4 xian4 zhi4 guo2
to rule a country according to the constitution

按脉 按脈 an4 mai4
to feel (take) the pulse

按摩 按摩 an4 mo2
massage; to massage

按摩棒 按摩棒 an4 mo2 bang4
vibrator; dildo

按纳 按納 an4 na4
variant of 按捺

按捺 按捺 an4 na4
to restrain; to control

按捺不住 按捺不住 an4 na4 bu5 zhu4
to be unable to hold back

按钮 按鈕 an4 niu3
push button

按期 按期 an4 qi1
on schedule; on time

按跷 按蹻 an4 qiao1
(old) massage

按日 按日 an4 ri4
daily (law); per diem

按时 按時 an4 shi2
on time; before deadline; on schedule

按时间先后 按時間先後 an4 shi2 jian1 xian1 hou4

按手礼 按手禮 an4 shou3 li3

按说 按說 an4 shuo1
in the ordinary course of events; ordinarily; normally

按天 按天 an4 tian1
daily (law); per diem

按图索骥 按圖索驥 an4 tu2 suo3 ji4
lit. looking for a fine horse using only a picture (idiom); fig. to do things along rigid, conventional lines; to try and find sth with the help of a clue

按蚊 按蚊 an4 wen2
anopheles; malarial mosquito

按下 按下 an4 xia4
to press down; to press a button

按下葫芦浮起瓢 按下葫蘆浮起瓢 an4 xia4 hu2 lu2 fu2 qi3 piao2
solve one problem only to find another cropping up

按需 按需 an4 xu1
on demand; according to demand

按需出版 按需出版 an4 xu1 chu1 ban3
publishing on demand

按需分配 按需分配 an4 xu1 fen1 pei4
distribution according to need

按压 按壓 an4 ya1
to press; to push (a button)

按语 按語 an4 yu3
note; comment

按月 按月 an4 yue4
monthly; per mensem

按赞 按讚 an4 zan4
to give sb a thumbs-up (on social media)

按照 按照 an4 zhao4
according to; in accordance with; in the light of; on the basis of

按照法律 按照法律 an4 zhao4 fa3 lv4
according to the law

按照计划 按照計劃 an4 zhao4 ji4 hua4
according to (the) plan ...

按照字面 按照字面 an4 zhao4 zi4 mian4

按诊 按診 an4 zhen3
palpation (as a method of examination)

按质定价 按質定價 an4 zhi4 ding4 jia4
to fix a price based on quality (idiom)

编者按 編者按 bian1 zhe3 an4
editor's commentary

止闹按钮 止鬧按鈕 zhi3 nao4 an4 niu3
snooze button