to carry on a shoulder pole; to choose; to pick; to nitpick

to raise; to dig up; to poke; to prick; to incite; to stir up

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
百里挑一 百裡挑一 bai3 li3 tiao1 yi1
one in a hundred; cream of the crop

单挑 單挑 dan1 tiao1
to pick; to choose; to fight a duel

横挑鼻子竖挑眼 橫挑鼻子豎挑眼 heng2 tiao1 bi2 zi5 shu4 tiao1 yan3
to pick on sth incessantly (idiom); to criticize right and left

鸡蛋里挑骨头 雞蛋裡挑骨頭 ji1 dan4 li5 tiao1 gu3 tou5
to look for bones in an egg; to find fault; to nitpick (idiom)

精挑细选 精挑細選 jing1 tiao1 xi4 xuan3
to select very carefully

撂挑 撂挑 liao4 tiao1
lit. to put down the load; to quit one's job or responsibiities

目挑心招 目挑心招 mu4 tiao3 xin1 zhao1
the eye incites, the heart invites (idiom); flirtatious; making eyes at sb

千挑万选 千挑萬選 qian1 tiao1 wan4 xuan3
to select very carefully

挑刺 挑刺 tiao1 ci4
to carp; nitpicking; petty criticism

挑肥嫌瘦 挑肥嫌瘦 tiao1 fei2 xian2 shou4
to choose sth over another to suit one's own convenience

挑夫 挑夫 tiao1 fu1

挑拣 挑揀 tiao1 jian3
to pick and choose; to select

挑口板 挑口板 tiao1 kou3 ban3
fascia; eaves board

挑毛病 挑毛病 tiao1 mao2 bing4
to nitpick; petty criticism; to nag

挑毛剔刺 挑毛剔刺 tiao1 mao2 ti1 ci4
to find fault; to carp; nitpicking

挑毛剔刺儿 挑毛剔刺兒 tiao1 mao2 ti1 ci4 er5
erhua variant of 挑毛剔刺

挑染 挑染 tiao1 ran3
highlight (hair); partial hair dye

挑三拣四 挑三揀四 tiao1 san1 jian3 si4
to be picky; to be choosy

挑山工 挑山工 tiao1 shan1 gong1
laborers who carry cargo up and down the mountains on shoulder poles

挑食 挑食 tiao1 shi2
to be picky about food

挑剔 挑剔 tiao1 ti5
picky; fussy

挑选 挑選 tiao1 xuan3
to choose; to select

挑拔 挑拔 tiao3 ba2
to provoke

挑拨 挑撥 tiao3 bo1
to incite disharmony; to instigate

挑拨离间 挑撥離間 tiao3 bo1 li2 jian4
to sow dissension (idiom); to drive a wedge between

挑拨是非 挑撥是非 tiao3 bo1 shi4 fei1
to incite a quarrel (idiom); to sow discord between people; to tell tales; to make mischief

挑大梁 挑大梁 tiao3 da4 liang2
to play a leading role; to bear a heavy responsibility

挑灯 挑燈 tiao3 deng1
to light a lamp; to raise a lantern

挑灯拨火 挑燈撥火 tiao3 deng1 bo1 huo3
to sow discord; to provoke

挑灯夜战 挑燈夜戰 tiao3 deng1 ye4 zhan4
to raise a lantern and fight at night (idiom); fig. to work into the night; to burn the midnight oil

挑动 挑動 tiao3 dong4
to entice; to arouse; to provoke

挑逗 挑逗 tiao3 dou4
to provoke; to entice; to lure; to tantalize; to tease; to titillate

挑逗性 挑逗性 tiao3 dou4 xing4
provocative; tantalizing; titillating

挑花 挑花 tiao3 hua1
cross-stitch (embroidery)

挑花眼 挑花眼 tiao3 hua1 yan3
(fig.) to get cross-eyed; to be bewildered

挑明 挑明 tiao3 ming2
to illuminate; to open up (a topic)

挑弄 挑弄 tiao3 nong4
to incite; to provoke; to tease

挑起 挑起 tiao3 qi3
to provoke; to stir up; to incite

挑三窝四 挑三窩四 tiao3 san1 wo1 si4
to sow discord everywhere

挑唆 挑唆 tiao3 suo1
to incite; to stir up; to instigate

挑头 挑頭 tiao3 tou2
to take the lead; to be first to (do sth); to pioneer

挑头儿 挑頭兒 tiao3 tou2 er5
erhua variant of 挑頭|挑头

挑衅 挑釁 tiao3 xin4
to provoke; provocation

挑檐 挑簷 tiao3 yan2

挑战 挑戰 tiao3 zhan4
to challenge; challenge

挑战者 挑戰者 tiao3 zhan4 zhe3

挑战者号 挑戰者號 tiao3 zhan4 zhe3 hao4
Space Shuttle Challenger

挑嘴 挑嘴 tiao3 zui3
to sow discord; picky about food

细挑 細挑 xi4 tiao1

嫌肥挑瘦 嫌肥挑瘦 xian2 fei2 tiao1 shou4
to choose sth over another to suit one's own convenience

迎接挑战 迎接挑戰 ying2 jie1 tiao3 zhan4
to meet a challenge