to dig; to excavate; to scoop out

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
吃水不忘挖井人 吃水不忘挖井人 chi1 shui3 bu4 wang4 wa1 jing3 ren2
see 吃水不忘掘井人

耳挖 耳挖 er3 wa1
earpick; curette

耳挖勺 耳挖勺 er3 wa1 shao2
(dialect) earpick; curette

耳挖子 耳挖子 er3 wa1 zi5
earpick; curette

开挖 開挖 kai1 wa1
to dig out; to excavate; to scoop out

深挖 深挖 shen1 wa1
to dredge

疏挖 疏挖 shu1 wa1
to dredge; to dig out (a channel)

数据挖掘 數據挖掘 shu4 ju4 wa1 jue2
data mining

挖鼻子 挖鼻子 wa1 bi2 zi5
to pick one's nose

挖掉 挖掉 wa1 diao4
to dig out; to eradicate

挖洞 挖洞 wa1 dong4
to dig a hole

挖角 挖角 wa1 jue2
to poach (talent, personnel from competitors); to raid (a competitor for its talent); Taiwan pr.

挖掘 挖掘 wa1 jue2
to excavate; to dig; to unearth

挖掘机 挖掘機 wa1 jue2 ji1

挖掘机械 挖掘機械 wa1 jue2 ji1 xie4
excavator; bulldozer

挖浚 挖浚 wa1 jun4
to dredge

挖开 挖開 wa1 kai1
to dig into; to cut a mine into

挖空 挖空 wa1 kong1
to excavate; to hollow

挖空心思 挖空心思 wa1 kong1 xin1 si5
to dig for thoughts (idiom); to search everything for an answer; to rack one's brains

挖苦 挖苦 wa1 ku3
to speak sarcastically; to make cutting remarks

挖矿 挖礦 wa1 kuang4
to dig a mine; mining

挖墙脚 挖牆腳 wa1 qiang2 jiao3
to undermine; to let someone down; to seduce someone away from something

挖肉补疮 挖肉補瘡 wa1 rou4 bu3 chuang1
to cut one's flesh to cover a sore (idiom); faced with a current crisis, to make it worse by a temporary expedient

挖土机 挖土機 wa1 tu3 ji1
excavator; backhoe

挖穴 挖穴 wa1 xue2
to excavate; to dig out a cave