see 掙扎|挣扎

to struggle to get free; to strive to acquire; to make (money)

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
垂死挣扎 垂死掙扎 chui2 si3 zheng1 zha2
deathbed struggle; final struggle (idiom)

撒呓挣 撒囈掙 sa1 yi4 zheng1
somniloquy; to talk or act in one's sleep; sleep-walking

挣扎 掙扎 zheng1 zha2
to struggle

挣得 掙得 zheng4 de2
to earn (income); to make (money)

挣钱 掙錢 zheng4 qian2
to make money

挣脱 掙脫 zheng4 tuo1
to throw off; to struggle free of; Taiwan pr.