in order; in sequence; close to; adjacent to

to suffer; to endure; to pull through (hard times); to delay; to stall; to play for time; to dawdle

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
挨边 挨邊 ai1 bian1
to keep close to the edge; near the mark; close to (the true figure); relevant (used with negative to mean totally irrelevant)

挨边儿 挨邊兒 ai1 bian1 er5
erhua variant of 挨邊|挨边

挨不上 挨不上 ai1 bu4 shang4
to be irrelevant; to be superfluous

挨擦 挨擦 ai1 ca1
to press against; to nuzzle up to

挨次 挨次 ai1 ci4
in sequence; in the proper order; one by one; in turn

挨个 挨個 ai1 ge4
one by one; in turn

挨个儿 挨個兒 ai1 ge4 er5
erhua variant of 挨個|挨个

挨户 挨戶 ai1 hu4
from house to house, one by one

挨户挨家 挨戶挨家 ai1 hu4 ai1 jia1
see 挨家挨戶|挨家挨户

挨家 挨家 ai1 jia1
from house to house, one by one

挨家挨户 挨家挨戶 ai1 jia1 ai1 hu4
to go from house to house

挨肩儿 挨肩兒 ai1 jian1 er5
in rapid succession (of children, close in age); shoulder-to-shoulder

挨近 挨近 ai1 jin4
to approach; to get close to; to sneak up on; near to

挨门 挨門 ai1 men2
from door to door, one by one

挨门挨户 挨門挨戶 ai1 men2 ai1 hu4
see 挨家挨戶|挨家挨户

挨踢 挨踢 ai1 ti1
information technology (IT) (loanword)

挨着 挨著 ai1 zhe5

挨板子 挨板子 ai2 ban3 zi5
to suffer beating; fig. to be severely criticized; to take a hammering

挨呲儿 挨呲兒 ai2 ci1 er5
to suffer a rebuke; criticized

挨打 挨打 ai2 da3
to take a beating; to get thrashed; to come under attack

挨打受骂 挨打受罵 ai2 da3 shou4 ma4
to suffer beatings and receive abuse (idiom)

挨打受气 挨打受氣 ai2 da3 shou4 qi4
to suffer bullying and beating (idiom)

挨斗 挨鬥 ai2 dou4
to suffer censure; denounced

挨饿 挨餓 ai2 e4
to go hungry; to endure starvation; famished

挨饥抵饿 挨飢抵餓 ai2 ji1 di3 e4
to suffer from hunger

挨挤 挨擠 ai2 ji3
to crowd together; to jostle; squeezed

挨克 挨剋 ai2 kei1
to be rebuked; to suffer blows

挨骂 挨罵 ai2 ma4
to receive a scolding

挨批 挨批 ai2 pi1
to be criticized; to suffer blame

挨时间 挨時間 ai2 shi2 jian1
to stall; to play for time

挨头子 挨頭子 ai2 tou2 zi5
to be criticized; to suffer blame

挨延 捱延 ai2 yan2
to delay; to stretch out; to play for time

挨宰 挨宰 ai2 zai3
to get ripped off

挨整 挨整 ai2 zheng3
to be the target of an attack

挨揍 挨揍 ai2 zou4
to be beaten; to take a drubbing; buffeted; knocked about

忍饥挨饿 忍飢挨餓 ren3 ji1 ai2 e4
starving; famished

受冻挨饿 受凍挨餓 shou4 dong4 ai2 e4
to go cold and hungry