to ladle out; to dip; to pour out

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
冲挹 沖挹 chong1 yi4
to defer to; to be submissive

㧑挹 撝挹 hui1 yi4
to be extremely modest and polite

奖挹 獎挹 jiang3 yi4
to reward and promote

藉资挹注 藉資挹注 jie4 zi1 yi4 zhu4
variant of 借資挹注|借资挹注

借资挹注 借資挹注 jie4 zi1 yi4 zhu4
to make use of sth in order to make good the deficits in sth else (idiom)

钦挹 欽挹 qin1 yi4
to admire and respect; to look up to

挹掬 挹掬 yi4 ju1
to scoop up water with the hands

挹取 挹取 yi4 qu3
to ladle out; to scoop up

挹注 挹注 yi4 zhu4
to shift resources into areas of need; to inject funds; to balance resources

挹酌 挹酌 yi4 zhuo2
to pour out wine