straight; erect; to stick out (a part of the body); to (physically) straighten up; to support; to withstand; outstanding; (coll.) quite; very; classifier for machine guns

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
昂首挺胸 昂首挺胸 ang2 shou3 ting3 xiong1
head high, chest out (idiom); to keep up one's spirits; in fine mettle (of animal)

笔挺 筆挺 bi3 ting3
(standing) very straight; straight as a ramrod; bolt upright; well-ironed; trim

打挺儿 打挺兒 da3 ting3 er5
to arch one's body and fling one's head back

伏地挺身 伏地挺身 fu2 di4 ting3 shen1
pushup (exercise)

坚挺 堅挺 jian1 ting3
firm and upright; strong (of currency)

劲挺 勁挺 jing4 ting3

力挺 力挺 li4 ting3
to support; to back

挺拔 挺拔 ting3 ba2
tall and straight

挺而走险 挺而走險 ting3 er2 zou3 xian3
variant of 鋌而走險|铤而走险

挺杆 挺桿 ting3 gan3
tappet (machine part)

挺好 挺好 ting3 hao3
very good

挺进 挺進 ting3 jin4
progress; to advance

挺举 挺舉 ting3 ju3
clean and jerk (weightlifting technique)

挺立 挺立 ting3 li4
to stand erect; to stand upright

挺身 挺身 ting3 shen1
to straighten one's back

挺身而出 挺身而出 ting3 shen1 er2 chu1
to step forward bravely

挺尸 挺屍 ting3 shi1
(lit.) to lie stiff like a corpse; (coll.) to sleep

挺腰 挺腰 ting3 yao1
to straighten one's back; to arch one's back

挺住 挺住 ting3 zhu4
to stand firm; to stand one's ground (in the face of adversity or pain)

丫挺 丫挺 ya1 ting3
(Beijing dialect) bastard; damned

叶挺 葉挺 ye4 ting3
Ye Ting (1896-1946), communist military leader

硬挺 硬挺 ying4 ting3
to endure with all one's will; to hold out; rigid; stiff