to clutch; to grab; to capture

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
闭塞眼睛捉麻雀 閉塞眼睛捉麻雀 bi4 se4 yan3 jing1 zhuo1 ma2 que4
lit. to catch sparrows blindfolded (idiom); fig. to act blindly

捕风捉影 捕風捉影 bu3 feng1 zhuo1 ying3
lit. chasing the wind and clutching at shadows (idiom); fig. groundless accusations; to act on hearsay evidence

捕捉 捕捉 bu3 zhuo1
to catch; to seize; to capture

关门捉贼 關門捉賊 guan1 men2 zhuo1 zei2
to catch a thief by closing his escape route (idiom)

难以捉摸 難以捉摸 nan2 yi3 zhuo1 mo1
elusive; hard to pin down; enigmatic

瓮中捉鳖 甕中捉鱉 weng4 zhong1 zhuo1 bie1
to catch a turtle in a jar (idiom); to set oneself an easy target; a turkey shoot

捉捕 捉捕 zhuo1 bu3
to arrest; to seize; to capture

捉捕器 捉捕器 zhuo1 bu3 qi4
trap (for animals etc)

捉获 捉獲 zhuo1 huo4
to capture

捉奸 捉姦 zhuo1 jian1
to catch a couple in the act (adultery, illicit sexual relations)

捉襟见肘 捉襟見肘 zhuo1 jin1 jian4 zhou3
lit. pulling on the lapels exposes the elbows (idiom); strapped for cash; unable to make ends meet

捉迷藏 捉迷藏 zhuo1 mi2 cang2
to play hide-and-seek

捉摸 捉摸 zhuo1 mo1
to fathom; to make sense of; to grasp

捉拿 捉拿 zhuo1 na2
to arrest; to catch a criminal

捉拿归案 捉拿歸案 zhuo1 na2 gui1 an4
to bring to justice

捉弄 捉弄 zhuo1 nong4
to tease

捉取 捉取 zhuo1 qu3
to capture

捉住 捉住 zhuo1 zhu4
to catch; to grapple with; to hold onto