to fish up; to dredge up

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
捕捞 捕撈 bu3 lao1
to fish for (aquatic animals and plants); to catch

打捞 打撈 da3 lao1
to salvage; to dredge; to fish out (person or object from the sea)

大海捞针 大海撈針 da4 hai3 lao1 zhen1
lit. to fish a needle from the sea; to find a needle in a haystack (idiom)

海底捞月 海底撈月 hai3 di3 lao1 yue4
to fetch the moon from the seabed (idiom); a hopeless illusion

海底捞针 海底撈針 hai3 di3 lao1 zhen1
see 大海撈針|大海捞针

救捞局 救撈局 jiu4 lao1 ju2
sea rescue service; lifeboat service

捞本 撈本 lao1 ben3
to get one's money back (esp. gambling); to recoup one's losings

捞稻草 撈稻草 lao1 dao4 cao3
to fish for a straw; futile attempt to gain profit

捞钱 撈錢 lao1 qian2
lit. to dredge for money; to make money by reprehensible means; to fish for a quick buck

捞取 撈取 lao1 qu3
to fish for; to seek profit (by improper means)

捞什子 撈什子 lao1 shi2 zi5
encumbrance; burden; that awful thing (colloquial); nuisance

捞外快 撈外快 lao1 wai4 kuai4
to make extra money

捞一把 撈一把 lao1 yi1 ba3
to profiteer; to gain some underhand advantage

捞油水 撈油水 lao1 you2 shui3
(coll.) to gain profit (usu. by underhand means)

沙捞越 沙撈越 sha1 lao1 yue4
Sarawak, state of Malaysia in northwest Borneo 婆羅洲|婆罗洲

水中捞月 水中撈月 shui3 zhong1 lao1 yue4
to fetch the moon out of the sea (idiom); a hopeless illusion

渔捞 漁撈 yu2 lao1
fishing (as a commercial activity)