to give up; to abandon; to give alms

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
爱丽舍宫 愛麗捨宮 ai4 li4 she3 gong1
Elysée Palace, the residence of the president of the French Republic

不舍 不捨 bu4 she3
reluctant to part with (sth or sb); unwilling to let go of

菲舍尔 菲捨爾 fei1 she3 er3
Fisher (name)

割舍 割捨 ge1 she3
to give up; to part with

恋恋不舍 戀戀不捨 lian4 lian4 bu4 she3
reluctant to part

难分难舍 難分難捨 nan2 fen1 nan2 she3
loath to part (idiom); emotionally close and unwilling to separate

难舍难分 難捨難分 nan2 she3 nan2 fen1
loath to part (idiom); emotionally close and unwilling to separate

难舍难离 難捨難離 nan2 she3 nan2 li2
loath to part (idiom); emotionally close and unwilling to separate

锲而不舍 鍥而不捨 qie4 er2 bu4 she3
to chip away at a task and not abandon it (idiom); to chisel away at sth; to persevere; unflagging efforts

取舍 取捨 qu3 she3
to choose; to accept or reject

善财难舍 善財難捨 shan4 cai2 nan2 she3
to cherish wealth and find it hard to give up (idiom); refusing to contribute to charity; skinflint; miserly

舍本逐末 捨本逐末 she3 ben3 zhu2 mo4
to neglect the root and pursue the tip (idiom); to neglect fundamentals and concentrate on details

舍不得 捨不得 she3 bu5 de5
to hate to do sth; to hate to part with; to begrudge

舍得 捨得 she3 de5
to be willing to part with sth

舍得一身剐,敢把皇帝拉下马 捨得一身剮,敢把皇帝拉下馬 she3 de5 yi1 shen1 gua3 - gan3 ba3 huang2 di4 la1 xia4 ma3
one who does not fear the death of thousand cuts will dare to unhorse the emperor (proverb); to a fearless person, no fence is high enough

舍己 捨己 she3 ji3
selfless; self-sacrifice (to help others); self-renunciation; altruism

舍己救人 捨己救人 she3 ji3 jiu4 ren2
to abandon self for others (idiom); to sacrifice oneself to help the people; altruism

舍己为公 捨己為公 she3 ji3 wei4 gong1
to give up one's private interests for the public good (idiom); to behave altruistically; selfless and public spirited

舍己为人 捨己為人 she3 ji3 wei4 ren2
to abandon self for others (idiom, from Analects); to sacrifice one's own interest for other people; altruism

舍车保帅 捨車保帥 she3 ju1 bao3 shuai4
rook sacrifice to save the king (in Chinese chess); fig. to protect a senior figure by blaming an underling; to pass the buck

舍命 捨命 she3 ming4
to risk one's life

舍弃 捨棄 she3 qi4
to give up; to abandon; to abort

舍身 捨身 she3 shen1
to give one's life

舍身求法 捨身求法 she3 shen1 qiu2 fa3
to abandon one's body in the search for Buddha's truth (idiom)

舍生取义 捨生取義 she3 sheng1 qu3 yi4
to give up life for righteousness (idiom, from Mencius); to choose honor over life; would rather sacrifice one's life than one's principles

舍生忘死 捨生忘死 she3 sheng1 wang4 si3
bravery with no thought of personal safety (idiom); risking life and limb; undaunted by perils

舍下 捨下 she3 xia4
to abandon; to lay down

舍正从邪 捨正從邪 she3 zheng4 cong2 xie2
to be corrupted by evil influences (idiom)

神不守舍 神不守捨 shen2 bu4 shou3 she4
abstracted; drifting off; restless

施舍 施捨 shi1 she3
to give in charity; to give alms (to the poor)

施粥舍饭 施粥捨飯 shi1 zhou1 she3 fan4
to provide alms and rice (idiom)

四邻八舍 四鄰八捨 si4 lin2 ba1 she4
the whole neighborhood

四舍五入 四捨五入 si4 she3 wu3 ru4
to round up to the nearest integer; to discard four, but treat five as whole (of decimal points)

退避三舍 退避三捨 tui4 bi4 san1 she4
lit. to retreat three day's march (idiom); fig. to give way in the face of superior strength; a strategic withdrawal

依依不舍 依依不捨 yi1 yi1 bu4 she3
reluctant to part (idiom); broken-hearted at having to leave