to beat with the fist; to hammer; to cudgel

variant of 捶

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
捶背 捶背 chui2 bei4
to massage sb's back by pounding it lightly with one's fists

捶打 捶打 chui2 da3
to beat; to pound; to thump

捶击 捶擊 chui2 ji1
to beat; to thump

捶胸 捶胸 chui2 xiong1
to beat one's chest

捶胸顿足 捶胸頓足 chui2 xiong1 dun4 zu2
to beat one's chest and stamp one's feet (idiom)

捶子 捶子 chui2 zi5

跌脚捶胸 跌腳捶胸 die1 jiao3 chui2 xiong1
lit. stamping and beating the chest (idiom); fig. angry or stressed about sth

三皇炮捶 三皇炮捶 san1 huang2 pao4 chui2
Paochui - "Three Emperor Cannon Punch" (Chinese Martial Art)