to lift (a lid); to rock; to convulse

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
掀掉 掀掉 xian1 diao4
to remove; to tear off

掀动 掀動 xian1 dong4
to stir; to lift; to set sth in motion

掀翻 掀翻 xian1 fan1
to turn sth over; to overturn

掀风鼓浪 掀風鼓浪 xian1 feng1 gu3 lang4
to raise a storm; to stir up trouble; to instigate

掀开 掀開 xian1 kai1
to lift open; to tear open

掀起 掀起 xian1 qi3
to lift; to raise in height; to begin; upsurge; to set off (a campaign)

掀腾 掀騰 xian1 teng2
to surge up; raging (billows)

掀天揭地 掀天揭地 xian1 tian1 jie1 di4

掀涌 掀涌 xian1 yong3
to seethe; to bubble up