to fall; to drop; to lag behind; to lose; to go missing; to reduce; fall (in prices); to lose (value, weight etc); to wag; to swing; to turn; to change; to exchange; to swap; to show off; to shed (hair); (used after certain verbs to express completion, fu

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
拔掉 拔掉 ba2 diao4
to pluck; to pull off; to pull out; to unplug

被优化掉 被優化掉 bei4 you1 hua4 diao4
lit. to be optimized away; to be fired; to be the victim of downsizing

剥掉 剝掉 bo1 diao4
to peel off; to strip off

擦掉 擦掉 ca1 diao4
to wipe

撤掉 撤掉 che4 diao4
to cut; to throw out; to depose (from office); to tear off

吃掉 吃掉 chi1 diao4
to eat up; to consume

冲掉 沖掉 chong1 diao4
to wash out; to leach

除掉 除掉 chu2 diao4
to eliminate

辞掉 辭掉 ci2 diao4
to resign a post; to sack and get rid of

打掉 打掉 da3 diao4
to tear down; to destroy; to dismantle (a gang); to abort (a fetus)

当掉 當掉 dang4 diao4
to fail (a student); to pawn; (of a computer or program) to crash; to stop working

掉包 掉包 diao4 bao1
to steal sb's valuable item and substitute a similar-looking but worthless item; to sell a fake for the genuine article; to palm off

掉膘 掉膘 diao4 biao1
to lose weight (of cattle)

掉秤 掉秤 diao4 cheng4
to lose weight (of cattle)

掉点儿 掉點兒 diao4 dian3 er5
drip of rain

掉队 掉隊 diao4 dui4
to fall behind; to drop out

掉粉 掉粉 diao4 fen3
to lose fans

掉过 掉過 diao4 guo4
to swap places

掉过儿 掉過兒 diao4 guo4 er5
erhua variant of 掉過|掉过

掉换 掉換 diao4 huan4
to swap; to replace; to exchange; to change

掉价 掉價 diao4 jia4
drop in price; devalued; to have one's status lowered

掉价儿 掉價兒 diao4 jia4 er5
erhua variant of 掉價|掉价

掉举 掉擧 diao4 ju3
restlessness (Buddhism)

掉泪 掉淚 diao4 lei4
to shed tears

掉链子 掉鏈子 diao4 lian4 zi5
to let sb down; to drop the ball; to screw up

掉落 掉落 diao4 luo4
to fall down

掉期 掉期 diao4 qi1
swap (finance)

掉漆 掉漆 diao4 qi1
to peel off (paint); (fig.) to be exposed; to lose face (Tw)

掉球 掉球 diao4 qiu2
drop shot (in volleyball, tennis etc)

掉色 掉色 diao4 se4
to lose color; to fade; also pr.

掉书袋 掉書袋 diao4 shu1 dai4
lit. to drop a bag of books (idiom); fig. to drop quotations to appear learned; to quote classical texts as a parade of erudition

掉头 掉頭 diao4 tou2
to turn one's head; to turn round; to turn about

掉头就走 掉頭就走 diao4 tou2 jiu4 zou3
to turn on one's heels; to walk away abruptly

掉下 掉下 diao4 xia4
to drop down; to fall

掉线 掉線 diao4 xian4
to get disconnected (from the Internet)

掉向 掉向 diao4 xiang4
to turn; to adjust one's direction; to lose one's bearings

掉以轻心 掉以輕心 diao4 yi3 qing1 xin1
treat sth lightly; to lower one's guard

掉转 掉轉 diao4 zhuan3
to turn around

丢掉 丟掉 diu1 diao4
to lose; to throw away; to discard; to cast away

废掉 廢掉 fei4 diao4
to depose (a king)

分掉 分掉 fen1 diao4
to share; to divide up

改掉 改掉 gai3 diao4
to drop a bad habit

干掉 幹掉 gan4 diao4
to get rid of

刮掉 刮掉 gua1 diao4
to scrape off; to shave off (whiskers etc); (of the wind) to blow sth away

关掉 關掉 guan1 diao4
to switch off; to shut off

喝掉 喝掉 he1 diao4
to drink up; to finish (a drink)

花掉 花掉 hua1 diao4
to spend (time, money); to waste

划掉 劃掉 hua4 diao4
to cross out; to cross off

坏掉 壞掉 huai4 diao4
spoilt; ruined

毁掉 毀掉 hui3 diao4
to destroy

剪掉 剪掉 jian3 diao4
to cut off; to cut away; to trim

减掉 減掉 jian3 diao4
to subtract; to lose (weight)

老掉牙 老掉牙 lao3 diao4 ya2
very old; obsolete; out of date

漏掉 漏掉 lou4 diao4
to miss; to leave out; to omit; to be omitted; to be missing; to slip through; to leak out; to seep away

乱掉 亂掉 luan4 diao4
to throw away; to discard

卖掉 賣掉 mai4 diao4
to sell off; to get rid of in a sale

免掉 免掉 mian3 diao4
to eliminate; to scrap

灭掉 滅掉 mie4 diao4
to eliminate

跑掉 跑掉 pao3 diao4
to run away; to take to one's heels

撇掉 撇掉 pie1 diao4
to skim froth or foam from the surface of a liquid

泼掉 潑掉 po1 diao4

去掉 去掉 qu4 diao4
to get rid of; to exclude; to eliminate; to remove; to delete; to strip out; to extract

扔掉 扔掉 reng1 diao4
to throw away; to throw out

杀掉 殺掉 sha1 diao4
to kill

删掉 刪掉 shan1 diao4
to delete

失掉 失掉 shi1 diao4
to lose; to miss

输掉 輸掉 shu1 diao4
to lose

甩掉 甩掉 shuai3 diao4
to throw off; to abandon; to cast off; to get rid of; to dump

撕掉 撕掉 si1 diao4
to tear out (and throw away); to rip away

碎掉 碎掉 sui4 diao4
to drop and smash; broken

锁掉 鎖掉 suo3 diao4
lock up; lock out; to lock

天上不会掉馅饼 天上不會掉餡餅 tian1 shang4 bu4 hui4 diao4 xian4 bing3
there is no such thing as a free lunch (idiom)

土得掉渣 土得掉渣 tu3 de5 diao4 zha1
(coll.) rustic; uncouth

脱掉 脫掉 tuo1 diao4
to remove; to take off; to strip off; to discard; to shed; to come off; to fall off

脱皮掉肉 脫皮掉肉 tuo1 pi2 diao4 rou4
lit. to shed skin, drop flesh; to work as hard as possible; to work one's butt off

挖掉 挖掉 wa1 diao4
to dig out; to eradicate

忘掉 忘掉 wang4 diao4
to forget

尾大不掉 尾大不掉 wei3 da4 bu4 diao4
large tail obstructs action (idiom); bottom heavy; fig. rendered ineffective by subordinates

掀掉 掀掉 xian1 diao4
to remove; to tear off

消耗掉 消耗掉 xiao1 hao4 diao4

笑掉大牙 笑掉大牙 xiao4 diao4 da4 ya2
to laugh one's head off; ridiculous; jaw-dropping

信贷违约掉期 信貸違約掉期 xin4 dai4 wei2 yue1 diao4 qi1
credit default swap (finance)

炸掉 炸掉 zha4 diao4
to bomb

走掉 走掉 zou3 diao4
to leave

做掉 做掉 zuo4 diao4
to kill; to get rid of; (sports) to defeat; to eliminate