a row; a line; to set in order; to arrange; to line up; to eliminate; to drain; to push open; platoon; raft; classifier for lines, rows etc

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
安排 安排 an1 pai2
to arrange; to plan; to set up; arrangements; plans

半排出期 半排出期 ban4 pai2 chu1 qi1

编排 編排 bian1 pai2
to arrange; to lay out

冰排 冰排 bing1 pai2
ice raft; ice floe

并排 並排 bing4 pai2
side by side; abreast

部首编排法 部首編排法 bu4 shou3 bian1 pai2 fa3
dictionary arrangement of Chinese characters under radicals

彩排 彩排 cai3 pai2
dress rehearsal

大排长龙 大排長龍 da4 pai2 chang2 long2
to form a long queue (idiom); (of cars) to be bumper to bumper

大排档 大排檔 da4 pai2 dang4
food stall; open-air restaurant

低尾气排放 低尾氣排放 di1 wei3 qi4 pai2 fang4
low emissions (from car exhaust)

地排车 地排車 di4 pai3 che1

丁骨牛排 丁骨牛排 ding1 gu3 niu2 pai2
T-bone steak

菲力牛排 菲力牛排 fei1 li4 niu2 pai2
fillet steak

故障排除 故障排除 gu4 zhang4 pai2 chu2
fault resolution; trouble clearing

横排 横排 heng2 pai2
horizontal setting (printing)

后排 後排 hou4 pai2
the back row

鸡排 雞排 ji1 pai2
chicken breast; chicken cutlet

减排 減排 jian3 pai2
to reduce emissions

力排众议 力排眾議 li4 pai2 zhong4 yi4
to stand one's ground against the opinion of the masses (idiom)

密排 密排 mi4 pai2
leading (between lines of type)

摸排 摸排 mo1 pai2
thorough search

男排 男排 nan2 pai2
men's volleyball; abbr. for 男子排球

牛排 牛排 niu2 pai2

牛排餐厅 牛排餐廳 niu2 pai2 can1 ting1
steakhouse; chophouse

牛排馆 牛排館 niu2 pai2 guan3

女排 女排 nv3 pai2
women's volleyball; abbr. for 女子排球

排版 排版 pai2 ban3

排比 排比 pai2 bi3
parallelism (grammar)

排便 排便 pai2 bian4
to defecate

排查 排查 pai2 cha2
to inspect; to run through a checklist; to take stock; to audit

排查故障 排查故障 pai2 cha2 gu4 zhang4
to troubleshoot; to check components individually for problems; troubleshooting

排场 排場 pai2 chang5
ostentation; a show of extravagance; grand style; red tape

排翅 排翅 pai2 chi4
whole-piece shark's fin

排斥 排斥 pai2 chi4
to reject; to exclude; to eliminate; to remove; to repel

排出 排出 pai2 chu1
to discharge

排除 排除 pai2 chu2
to eliminate; to remove; to exclude; to rule out

排错 排錯 pai2 cuo4
troubleshooting; debugging; to debug; erratum; to arrange in incorrect sequence

排挡 排擋 pai2 dang3
gear (of car etc)

排挡速率 排擋速率 pai2 dang3 su4 lv4
gear; gear speed

排档 排檔 pai2 dang4
stall (of market etc)

排定 排定 pai2 ding4
to schedule

排毒 排毒 pai2 du2
to expel poison (from the system); to detox

排队 排隊 pai2 dui4
to line up

排放 排放 pai2 fang4
emission; discharge; exhaust (gas etc)

排风口 排風口 pai2 feng1 kou3
exhaust vent

排骨 排骨 pai2 gu3
pork chop; pork cutlet; spare ribs

排行 排行 pai2 hang2
to rank; ranking; seniority (among siblings)

排行榜 排行榜 pai2 hang2 bang3
the charts (of best-sellers); table of ranking

排洪 排洪 pai2 hong2
to drain flood-water

排华 排華 pai2 hua2
anti-Chinese (policies, actions, sentiments etc); Sinophobia

排华法案 排華法案 pai2 hua2 fa3 an4
Chinese Exclusion Act, a US law restricting Chinese immigration from 1882-1943

排挤 排擠 pai2 ji3
to crowd out; to push aside; to supplant

排检 排檢 pai2 jian3
to arrange for ease of search; to catalogue for retrieval

排解 排解 pai2 jie3
to mediate; to reconcile; to make peace; to intervene

排客 排客 pai2 ke4
paid queuer; person paid to stand in line for another

排空 排空 pai2 kong1
to fly up to the sky

排涝 排澇 pai2 lao4
to drain flooded fields

排雷 排雷 pai2 lei2
mine clearance

排练 排練 pai2 lian4
to rehearse; rehearsal

排量 排量 pai2 liang4
discharge volume; engine capacity; engine displacement (volume of air fuel mixture drawn in during one cycle)

排列 排列 pai2 lie4
to arrange in order; (math.) permutation

排列次序 排列次序 pai2 lie4 ci4 xu4
ranking; ordering in list

排卵 排卵 pai2 luan3
to ovulate

排律 排律 pai2 lv4
long poem in lüshi form 律詩|律诗

排名 排名 pai2 ming2
to rank (1st, 2nd etc); ranking

排名榜 排名榜 pai2 ming2 bang3
ranking; ordered list; top 20; roll of honor; to come nth out of 100

排名表 排名表 pai2 ming2 biao3
league table; roll of honor

排难解纷 排難解紛 pai2 nan4 jie3 fen1
to remove perils and solve disputes (idiom); to reconcile differences

排尿 排尿 pai2 niao4
to urinate

排偶 排偶 pai2 ou3
parallel and antithesis (paired sentences as rhetoric device)

排炮 排炮 pai2 pao4
to fire a salvo; broadside; cannonade

排起长队 排起長隊 pai2 qi3 chang2 dui4
to form a long line (i.e. of people waiting)

排气 排氣 pai2 qi4
to ventilate

排气管 排氣管 pai2 qi4 guan3
exhaust pipe

排气孔 排氣孔 pai2 qi4 kong3
an air vent; a ventilation shaft

排遣 排遣 pai2 qian3
to divert oneself from loneliness

排枪 排槍 pai2 qiang1
volley; salvo

排球 排球 pai2 qiu2

排入 排入 pai2 ru4
to discharge into; to secrete into

排山倒海 排山倒海 pai2 shan1 dao3 hai3
lit. to topple the mountains and overturn the seas (idiom); earth-shattering; fig. gigantic; of spectacular significance

排射 排射 pai2 she4
a barrage of fire; a salvo

排笙 排笙 pai2 sheng1
reed-pipe wind instrument with a keyboard

排水 排水 pai2 shui3
to drain

排水沟 排水溝 pai2 shui3 gou1

排水管 排水管 pai2 shui3 guan3
drainpipe; waste pipe

排水孔 排水孔 pai2 shui3 kong3
plughole; drainage hole

排水口 排水口 pai2 shui3 kou3
plughole; drainage hole

排水量 排水量 pai2 shui3 liang4

排水渠 排水渠 pai2 shui3 qu2

排他 排他 pai2 ta1
exclusive; excluding

排头兵 排頭兵 pai2 tou2 bing1
lit. frontline troops; leader; trailblazer; pacesetter

排外 排外 pai2 wai4
xenophobic; anti-foreigner

排湾族 排灣族 pai2 wan1 zu2
Paiwan, one of the indigenous peoples of Taiwan

排污 排污 pai2 wu1
to drain sewage

排屋 排屋 pai2 wu1
terraced house

排污地下主管网 排污地下主管網 pai2 wu1 di4 xia4 zhu3 guan3 wang3
underground sewage network

排污管 排污管 pai2 wu1 guan3

排舞 排舞 pai2 wu3
a dance in formation; choreographed dance; line dance

排萧 排蕭 pai2 xiao1

排箫 排簫 pai2 xiao1
xiao, a free reed mouth organ with five or more pipes blown from the bottom; also translated as pan pipes

排泄 排泄 pai2 xie4
to drain (factory waste etc); to excrete (urine, sweat etc)

排泻 排瀉 pai2 xie4
variant of 排泄; to excrete (urine, sweat etc)

排泻物 排瀉物 pai2 xie4 wu4

排泄物 排泄物 pai2 xie4 wu4
excrement; waste

排泄系统 排洩系統 pai2 xie4 xi4 tong3
drainage system; excretory system

排序 排序 pai2 xu4
to sort; to arrange in order

排演 排演 pai2 yan3
to rehearse (a performance)

排遗 排遺 pai2 yi2
feces; excrement; scat; droppings; to egest; to get (one's feelings) out; to rid oneself (of a thought)

排印 排印 pai2 yin4
typesetting and printing

排忧解难 排憂解難 pai2 you1 jie3 nan4
to resolve a difficult situation and leave worries behind (idiom)

排犹 排猶 pai2 you2
to eliminate Jews; antisemitism

排犹主义 排猶主義 pai2 you2 zhu3 yi4

排长 排長 pai2 zhang3
platoon leader; sergeant

排走 排走 pai2 zou3
to drain away; to vent out

铺排 鋪排 pu1 pai2
to arrange

沙朗牛排 沙朗牛排 sha1 lang3 niu2 pai2
sirloin steak

沙滩排球 沙灘排球 sha1 tan1 pai2 qiu2
beach volleyball

手排 手排 shou3 pai2
manual transmission

速手排 速手排 su4 shou3 pai2
gears (in a car)

缩排 縮排 suo1 pai2
(typesetting) to indent

碳减排 碳減排 tan4 jian3 pai2
to reduce carbon emissions

偷排 偷排 tou1 pai2
to dump illegally

羊排 羊排 yang2 pai2
lamb chop

一排 一排 yi1 pai2

鱼排 魚排 yu2 pai2
fish steak

直排 直排 zhi2 pai2
vertical setting (printing)

猪排 豬排 zhu1 pai2
pork ribs; pork chop

竹排 竹排 zhu2 pai2
bamboo raft

自排 自排 zi4 pai2
automatic transmission