to tuck (into a pocket); to hide; to conceal

to support by the arm; to help; to promote; at the side; also pr.

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
藏藏掖掖 藏藏掖掖 cang2 cang2 ye1 ye1
to conceal

藏掖 藏掖 cang2 ye1
to try to cover up; hiding place

扶掖 扶掖 fu2 ye4
to support; to help

宫掖 宮掖 gong1 ye4
palace apartments

奖掖 獎掖 jiang3 ye4
to reward and promote

提掖 提掖 ti2 ye1
to recommend sb for a promotion; to guide and support sb

轩掖 軒掖 xuan1 ye4
forbidden place

靴掖子 靴掖子 xue1 ye1 zi5
double layer of padding in a boot

掖咕 掖咕 ye1 gu5
to toss aside; to misplace

掖掖盖盖 掖掖蓋蓋 ye1 ye1 gai4 gai4
stealthily; clandestinely

掖门 掖門 ye4 men2
small side door of a palace

掖庭 掖庭 ye4 ting2
Lateral Courts in the imperial palace (housing concubines and administrative offices

掖垣 掖垣 ye4 yuan2
sidewalls of a palace

诱掖 誘掖 you4 ye4
to help and encourage

张掖 張掖 zhang1 ye4
Zhangye prefecture level city in Gansu

张掖地区 張掖地區 zhang1 ye4 di4 qu1
Zhangye prefecture, Gansu (old term); Zhangye prefecture level city 張掖市|张掖市 (district in Gansu)

张掖市 張掖市 zhang1 ye4 shi4
Zhangye prefecture level city in Gansu