to take over by force; to rob; to plunder; to brush over; to skim; to sweep

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
擦掠 擦掠 ca1 lve4
to brush against; to graze; to scratch

笞掠 笞掠 chi1 lve4
to flog

浮光掠影 浮光掠影 fu2 guang1 lve4 ying3
flickering light and passing shadows (idiom); blurred scenery; cursory; superficial

劫掠 劫掠 jie2 lve4
to loot; to plunder

拷掠 拷掠 kao3 lve4
to torture

掳掠 擄掠 lu3 lve4
to loot; to pillage; to sack

掠夺 掠奪 lve4 duo2
to plunder; to rob

掠夺者 掠奪者 lve4 duo2 zhe3
robber; plunderer; predator

掠过 掠過 lve4 guo4
to flit across; to sweep past; to glance (strike at an angle)

掠卖 掠賣 lve4 mai4
to press-gang sb and sell into slavery

掠卖华工 掠賣華工 lve4 mai4 hua2 gong1
Chinese people press-ganged and sold into slavery during Western colonialism

掠美 掠美 lve4 mei3
to claim credit due to others

掠取 掠取 lve4 qu3
to plunder; to pillage; to loot

掠食 掠食 lve4 shi2
to prey on; predation; predatory

前掠翼 前掠翼 qian2 lve4 yi4
swept-forward wing (on jet fighter)

抢掠 搶掠 qiang3 lve4
to loot; looting