to explore; to search out; to scout; to visit; to stretch forward

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
暗探 暗探 an4 tan4
secret agent; detective

巴头探脑 巴頭探腦 ba1 tou2 tan4 nao3
to poke one's head in and pry (idiom); to spy; nosy

半导体探测器 半導體探測器 ban4 dao3 ti3 tan4 ce4 qi4
semiconductor detector

包探 包探 bao1 tan4
detective (in former times)

查探 查探 cha2 tan4
to check; to investigate; to probe (into)

刺探 刺探 ci4 tan4
to pry into; to spy on; to probe into

打探 打探 da3 tan4
to make discreet inquiries; to scout out

敌探 敵探 di2 tan4
enemy spy

伽利略探测器 伽利略探測器 jia1 li4 lve4 tan4 ce4 qi4
Galileo probe

金属探伤 金屬探傷 jin1 shu3 tan4 shang1
metal crack detection

警探 警探 jing3 tan4
police detective

勘探 勘探 kan1 tan4
to explore; to survey; to prospect (for oil etc); prospecting

空间探测 空間探測 kong1 jian1 tan4 ce4
space probe

窥探 窺探 kui1 tan4
to pry into or spy on; to snoop; to peep; to poke one's nose into; to peer; to get a glimpse of

陆探微 陸探微 lu4 tan4 wei1
Lu Tanwei (active c. 450-490), one of the Four Great Painters of the Six dynasties 六朝四大家

密探 密探 mi4 tan4
secret agent; detective; covert investigator

妙探寻凶 妙探尋兇 miao4 tan4 xun2 xiong1
Cluedo (board game)

神探 神探 shen2 tan4
master sleuth; lit. miraculous detective; cf Sherlock Holmes 福爾摩斯|福尔摩斯 or Di Renjie 狄仁傑|狄仁杰

试探 試探 shi4 tan4
to sound out; to probe; to feel out; to try out

太空探索 太空探索 tai4 kong1 tan4 suo3
space exploration

探班 探班 tan4 ban1
to check on sb at his workplace; to come to a movie set to visit one of the actors

探病 探病 tan4 bing4
to visit a sick person or patient

探测 探測 tan4 ce4
to probe; to take readings; to explore; exploration

探测器 探測器 tan4 ce4 qi4
detector; probe; craft

探测字 探測字 tan4 ce4 zi4
probe (character)

探查 探查 tan4 cha2
to examine; to probe; to scout out; to nose around

探察 探察 tan4 cha2
to investigate; to observe; to scout; to seek out and examine; to explore

探尺 探尺 tan4 chi3
dipstick; measuring rod

探访 探訪 tan4 fang3
to seek by inquiry or search; to call on; to visit

探风 探風 tan4 feng1
to make inquiries about sb or sth; to fish for information

探戈 探戈 tan4 ge1
tango (dance) (loanword)

探花 探花 tan4 hua1
candidate who came third in the Han-lin examination; see 狀元|状元

探家 探家 tan4 jia1
to make a trip home

探监 探監 tan4 jian1
to visit a prisoner (usu. a relative or friend)

探井 探井 tan4 jing3
test pit; exploratory shaft; test well (mineralogy)

探究 探究 tan4 jiu1
to investigate; to delve; to probe; to enquire into; to look into

探究式 探究式 tan4 jiu1 shi4

探勘 探勘 tan4 kan1
to explore; to survey; to prospect (for oil etc); prospecting

探看 探看 tan4 kan4
to visit; to go to see what's going on

探口风 探口風 tan4 kou3 feng1
to sound out opinions; to get sb's views by polite or indirect questioning

探口气 探口氣 tan4 kou3 qi4
to sound out opinions; to get sb's views by polite or indirect questioning; also written 探口風|探口风

探矿 探礦 tan4 kuang4
to prospect; to dig for coal or minerals

探矿者 探礦者 tan4 kuang4 zhe3
prospector; person exploring for minerals

探雷 探雷 tan4 lei2
to detect mines; mine detection

探雷人员 探雷人員 tan4 lei2 ren2 yuan2
mine detector (employee)

探骊得珠 探驪得珠 tan4 li2 de2 zhu1
to pluck a pearl from the black dragon (idiom, from Zhuangzi); fig. to pick out the salient points (from a tangled situation); to see through to the nub

探路 探路 tan4 lu4
to find a path

探路者 探路者 tan4 lu4 zhe3
Pathfinder, NASA spacecraft sent to Mars in 1977

探马 探馬 tan4 ma3
mounted scout (arch.)

探秘 探祕 tan4 mi4
to explore a mystery; to probe the unknown

探明 探明 tan4 ming2
to ascertain; to verify

探摸 探摸 tan4 mo1
to feel for sth; to grope

探囊取物 探囊取物 tan4 nang2 qu3 wu4
to feel in one's pocket and take sth (idiom); as easy as pie; in the bag

探奇 探奇 tan4 qi2
to seek unusual scenery or places

探亲 探親 tan4 qin1
to go home to visit one's family

探求 探求 tan4 qiu2
to seek; to pursue; to investigate

探伤 探傷 tan4 shang1
to inspect for damage; flaw detection; metal crack detection

探伤器 探傷器 tan4 shang1 qi4
metal crack detector

探身 探身 tan4 shen1
to lean forward; to lean out (of a window, door etc)

探身子 探身子 tan4 shen1 zi5
to bend forward; to lean out

探视 探視 tan4 shi4
to visit (a patient, prisoner etc); to look inquiringly

探视权 探視權 tan4 shi4 quan2
visitation rights (law)

探索 探索 tan4 suo3
to explore; to probe

探索性 探索性 tan4 suo3 xing4

探讨 探討 tan4 tao3
to investigate; to probe

探听 探聽 tan4 ting1
to make inquiries; to try to find out; to pry

探头 探頭 tan4 tou2
to extend one's head (out or into); a probe; detector; search unit

探头探脑 探頭探腦 tan4 tou2 tan4 nao3
to stick one's head out and look around (idiom)

探头探脑儿 探頭探腦兒 tan4 tou2 tan4 nao3 er5
erhua variant of 探頭探腦|探头探脑

探望 探望 tan4 wang4
to visit; to call on sb; to look around

探问 探問 tan4 wen4
to inquire into; to ask after

探险 探險 tan4 xian3
to explore; to go on an expedition; adventure

探险家 探險家 tan4 xian3 jia1

探险者 探險者 tan4 xian3 zhe3

探询 探詢 tan4 xun2
to inquire into; to ask after

探寻 探尋 tan4 xun2
to search; to seek; to explore

探幽发微 探幽發微 tan4 you1 fa1 wei1
to probe deeply and uncover minute details

探员 探員 tan4 yuan2
detective; investigator; agent

探月 探月 tan4 yue4
lunar exploration

探长 探長 tan4 zhang3
(police) detective

探照灯 探照燈 tan4 zhao4 deng1

探针 探針 tan4 zhen1

探知 探知 tan4 zhi1
to find out; to ascertain; to get an idea of

探子 探子 tan4 zi5
intelligence gatherer; spy; detective; scout; sound (medical instrument); long and narrow probing and sampling utensil

一探究竟 一探究竟 yi1 tan4 jiu1 jing4
to check out; to investigate

侦探 偵探 zhen1 tan4
detective; to do detective work

中石油川东钻探公司 中石油川東鑽探公司 zhong1 shi2 you2 chuan1 dong1 zuan4 tan4 gong1 si1
Chuandong Oil Drilling & Exploration Company (CODEC)

钻探 鑽探 zuan1 tan4

钻探机 鑽探機 zuan1 tan4 ji1
drilling machine

坐探 坐探 zuo4 tan4
inside informer; mole; plant